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"For 18 years we provide a free and legal service for free sheet music.

If you use and like, thank you to consider support donation.

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"For 18 years we provide a free and legal service for free sheet music without asking you anything in exchange. This was made possible through internal funding generated by our buying guide sheet music, accessories and musical instruments and the advertising. But today we need also your contribution however small it may be.

If you use and like, thank you to consider support donation."

20 February 2015
Victor Reny, founder of


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Total donations : 1081 donations
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Ian ThomsonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-12-31
Maria VigliottiUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-12-31
Brian GodfreyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-12-31
Shelby DixonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2016-12-30
James ParrUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-12-30
Keith CooperUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-12-30
irene ponsoyeFrance France20.00 EUR2016-12-30
Lewis KleinsmithUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2016-12-29
Borut VidosevicCroatia Croatia5.00 EUR2016-12-28
Jennifer m abramUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-12-28
Dietmar KlingelhöferGermany Germany5.00 EUR2016-12-28
Charles VuilleUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-12-28
Tanya MartenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2016-12-28
howard kagenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-12-28
howard kagenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-12-28
Christine LaineUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2016-12-28
patrick pierlotFrance France20.00 EUR2016-12-28
François BEHRFrance France20.00 EUR2016-12-27
Irene GrosmanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)18.00 USD2016-12-27
sharon chenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-12-27
Deborah DionUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2016-12-27
Dag KnudsenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-12-26
Jan ValterCzech Rep. Czech Rep.4.00 EUR2016-12-26
CLAUDIN SCHAFFHAUSERFrance France15.00 EUR2016-12-26
JOHN OGRADYAustralia Australia3.00 USD2016-12-25
Raymond LacroixCanada Canada25.00 CAD2016-12-25
Giovanni DonadelItalia Italia10.00 EUR2016-12-24
Ruth AtkinsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-12-24
Gerard AndersonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-12-24
Ana HooverUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-12-23
Mura AntonioItalia Italia3.00 EUR2016-12-23
Laura NeumanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-12-22
Hans PotuzakAustria Austria10.00 EUR2016-12-22
gustavo rodriguez torresColombia Colombia3.00 USD2016-12-21
Angela PERRAT-MABILONFrance France15.00 EUR2016-12-21
Josiane PainMartinique Martinique50.00 EUR2016-12-21
Jacques MilletCanada Canada15.00 CAD2016-12-20
anastasios kalafatisGreece Greece1.00 EUR2016-12-20
karen popeUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-12-20
Anthony RobinsonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom6.00 GBP2016-12-20
antonio colonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-12-20
Michael CookUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-12-18
Giampiero ManaraItalia Italia5.00 EUR2016-12-18
Thierry ChauveFrance France15.00 EUR2016-12-18
Peter Fritz WalterGermany Germany40.00 USD2016-12-18
Erik SYLVANDERFrance France5.00 EUR2016-12-18
Rose WangUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-12-18
Lukasz SlawomirskiAustralia Australia5.00 USD2016-12-18
edgardo garneroItalia Italia10.00 EUR2016-12-17
Anna SólyomHungary Hungary3.00 USD2016-12-16
Pierre PetitFrance France5.00 EUR2016-12-16
Esko kivisaariUnited Kingdom United Kingdom50.00 EUR2016-12-16
Andrea PattenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-12-16
wayne dooleyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-12-15
Sibony, RalphFrance France15.00 EUR2016-12-15
Damon ButcherUnited Kingdom United Kingdom20.00 GBP2016-12-14
Joanna JonesUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-12-14
Radoslav Michal KoperaSlovakia Slovakia10.00 EUR2016-12-14
Michael PeloquinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-12-13
Tammy RiggsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-12-13
Augustin SchmidtFrance France10.00 EUR2016-12-13
santiago ramos ahedoSpain Spain20.00 EUR2016-12-12
Peter BridenneFrance France10.00 EUR2016-12-12
Helene LukassenAustria Austria1.00 EUR2016-12-12
Peter WightmanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-12-12
alasdair macleanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2016-12-11
James CordeiroUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-12-11
jude tulliUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2016-12-11
Adam GeraghtyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-12-10
elie bazbazCzech Rep. Czech Rep.10.00 USD2016-12-10
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-12-10
Hervé CAPARTFrance France30.00 EUR2016-12-10
PATRICIA MAGUIRESouth Africa South Africa100.00 USD2016-12-10
Tim HeinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-12-10
Lyle CherryUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-12-10
Claude GrigyFrance France10.00 EUR2016-12-09
Catherine LeservotFrance France20.00 EUR2016-12-09
Michael FalivenaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-12-09
SANDRINE SALASFrance France20.00 EUR2016-12-09
Bernadette PowerAustralia Australia15.00 USD2016-12-09
Jennifer CurlAustralia Australia5.00 USD2016-12-08
Cynthia PowellUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-12-07
Ole KiilerichDenmark Denmark6.00 EUR2016-12-07
Andreas FritzscheGermany Germany10.00 EUR2016-12-07
Kai Yuan ChengTaiwan Taiwan10.00 USD2016-12-07
David HattamsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-12-07
Marie-Noëlle BARONIFrance France20.00 EUR2016-12-06
David TetraultUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-12-06
 Russia Russia1.00 USD2016-12-06
marie PARRAFrance France15.00 EUR2016-12-06
Suzie KatayamaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-12-06
Lee ShahinianUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-12-05
Olivier THOUVENINFrance France5.00 EUR2016-12-05
Marie-Paule GaillardFrance France2.00 EUR2016-12-05
steven g blomUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-12-05
Penelope WoodAustralia Australia10.00 USD2016-12-04
James FinleyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-12-04
Raymond WongSingapore Singapore3.00 GBP2016-12-04
Jessica LurieUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-12-03
Claude FertigFrance France10.00 EUR2016-12-03
Camilla de RochambeauUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-12-03
Ying S TanAustralia Australia5.00 USD2016-12-03
Cynthia VincentUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-12-02
Claudine ElianUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-12-02
Sébastien MittaultFrance France10.00 EUR2016-12-02
david haudiquetFrance France5.00 EUR2016-12-01
Steven TulchinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)8.00 USD2016-12-01
Shelby DixonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2016-12-01
Lacy QuinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2016-11-30
genevieve de costerFrance France15.00 EUR2016-11-29
colette langrandFrance France10.00 EUR2016-11-28
Ngoc Minh Tam NguyenSwitzerland Switzerland10.00 EUR2016-11-28
Paul Hostrup-JessenDenmark Denmark10.00 EUR2016-11-28
louise nunanIrland Irland5.00 EUR2016-11-28
Kevin AmosUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-11-28
Monelle M RichmondUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2016-11-27
John GurskiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-11-27
Denis CLEMENTFrance France10.00 EUR2016-11-27
GUIDO POZZATOItalia Italia5.00 EUR2016-11-27
Terry BlackUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-11-27
Jarmo AnttilaFinland Finland10.00 EUR2016-11-26
arnaud roland GIGONFrance France5.00 EUR2016-11-25
Amy TaylorUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2016-11-25
Peter BalfourUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-11-25
Natalia KuzminaIsrael Israel10.00 USD2016-11-24
Magdalini PanagiotakopoulouSwitzerland Switzerland5.00 EUR2016-11-24
Fary gilFrance France5.00 EUR2016-11-24
Ania LilleyAustralia Australia3.00 USD2016-11-24
JEAN LE GUENNECFrance France5.00 EUR2016-11-23
Richard IllesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-11-23
julieta winovichUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-11-22
Philip NiddrieUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-11-22
Amy LuffUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-11-21
Nicholas CalioUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-11-21
James SchuppenhauerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-11-21
theresa kohlhauffUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-11-20
Thijs PostmaNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2016-11-20
Aliette LeclercqFrance France3.00 EUR2016-11-20
Laurel SwetnamUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-11-19
Stefan JankowskiUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2016-11-19
Paul McClureUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-11-19
alexandra bassistyFrance France5.00 EUR2016-11-19
Susan WoodrowUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-11-19
La Fabrique de VitrailCanada Canada5.00 CAD2016-11-19
Lucio F de OliveiraUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-11-19
Steve NelsonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2016-11-18
joshua aldousUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-11-17
edgardo garneroItalia Italia10.00 EUR2016-11-17
James McCutcheonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-11-17
Karen KavanaghIrland Irland5.00 EUR2016-11-17
Dominique BODSONBelgium Belgium20.00 EUR2016-11-17
wilhelmina warickCanada Canada10.00 CAD2016-11-16
Vic HsiaoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-11-15
John DevensUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-11-15
Marie-Hélène DurandFrance France10.00 EUR2016-11-14
voirol francoisFrance France20.00 EUR2016-11-14
jana marquezUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2016-11-14
erwin janssenNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2016-11-14
Risse KlemensGermany Germany5.00 EUR2016-11-13
Enzo Antonio D'AvanzoItalia Italia5.00 EUR2016-11-13
Roger DavidgeUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-11-13
Taro IkebaUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-11-13
Keith HarveyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-11-13
Elizabeth ScottCanada Canada5.00 CAD2016-11-13
Claude KrierLuxembourg Luxembourg20.00 EUR2016-11-12
Catherine KatinasUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-11-11
Hans-Ulrich HöfleGermany Germany10.00 EUR2016-11-11
Michel CORNETFrance France20.00 EUR2016-11-11
Eric Lane BarnesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)50.00 USD2016-11-11
francis avnaimFrance France5.00 EUR2016-11-11
Sally FoxUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-11-11
lasri madjidFrance France10.00 EUR2016-11-10
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-11-10
Patrice COIGNECFrance France5.00 EUR2016-11-10
lynne cochetFrance France5.00 EUR2016-11-09
Geneviève HaasFrance France15.00 EUR2016-11-08
Martha RobertsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-11-07
Carla WolmeringLuxembourg Luxembourg8.00 EUR2016-11-07
Jeff BridgesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-11-07
Anton SmitsendonkFrance France5.00 EUR2016-11-07
Ian JarvisUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-11-06
Angela JonesUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-11-06
John O'NeillUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-11-05
Hugh WallerCanada Canada5.00 CAD2016-11-05
Pierre RousseauxFrance France30.00 EUR2016-11-05
KONG SHAN ANDY NGSingapore Singapore30.00 USD2016-11-04
Nicole CousinsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2016-11-04
Keith SnapeUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-11-04
Mark GralerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2016-11-03
Artur BabayevUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-11-03
Jeffrey StoneSwitzerland Switzerland50.00 EUR2016-11-02
Cedric CookFrance France20.00 EUR2016-11-02
William WingfieldUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-11-02
Elisabeth HigonnetFrance France10.00 EUR2016-11-02
Teresa CartwrightUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-11-01
Glyn ScottUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-11-01
Mehrad SharifbakhtiarAustralia Australia5.00 USD2016-11-01
Louis Grillet-AubertFrance France25.00 EUR2016-11-01
Françoise GAILLARDFrance France5.00 EUR2016-10-31
Louis SAINT MARTINFrance France10.00 EUR2016-10-31
Jean-Claude MARTELFrance France10.00 EUR2016-10-31
Pam JurgensUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-10-31
Amir DonenfeldIsrael Israel5.00 USD2016-10-30
David LillieUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 EUR2016-10-30
Francisco Ferreira Gomes FilhoBrazil Brazil10.00 USD2016-10-30
dan ling yangChina China50.00 USD2016-10-29
anthony comiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-10-28
Steve NelsonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-10-28
David ScogginUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-10-28
Luke WattUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-10-28
Frank HallockUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-10-27
Daniel PellegrinoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-10-27
John ViljoenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-10-27
TOAN DANGUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-10-27
Carol GingrichUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-10-26
Ray LuffUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2016-10-26
Konstantin khrapkoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)18.00 USD2016-10-26
Bryan MintzUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2016-10-25
John FrancoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-10-25
Mark AndersenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-10-25
Gregor A ZumholzGermany Germany20.00 EUR2016-10-25
Warren CampbellUnited States (USA) United States (USA)30.00 USD2016-10-25
Suzanne W HoggAustralia Australia15.00 USD2016-10-25
Linda StrohscheinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-10-24
Janis RottUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-10-24
Sen Lin-LiuUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-10-23
Florian TheuillonFrance France10.00 EUR2016-10-23
Philippe CHESSELFrance France10.00 EUR2016-10-23
Stephanie ButlerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-10-23
kimon FioretosGreece Greece5.00 EUR2016-10-22
Moyra BevertonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.50 GBP2016-10-22
William FetilleFrance France5.00 EUR2016-10-22
Farida PambosAustralia Australia10.00 USD2016-10-22
Elmar WaiblItalia Italia30.00 EUR2016-10-21
Per HjemdalNorway Norway5.00 EUR2016-10-21
Rémy DANIELFrance France5.00 EUR2016-10-21
Iva KravitzUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-10-20
Michael ReeveCanada Canada5.00 CAD2016-10-20
Katherine O'NeillAustralia Australia20.00 USD2016-10-20
Michael BoylesUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-10-19
jeffrey breckerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-10-19
zoe allanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2016-10-19
Suriyan AtaconBelgium Belgium5.00 EUR2016-10-18
Pierre GUINETFrance France1.00 EUR2016-10-18
Ariyani TedjoIndonesia Indonesia10.00 USD2016-10-18
Gordon HornerCanada Canada5.00 CAD2016-10-18
edgardo garneroItalia Italia10.00 EUR2016-10-17
Peter OnnesNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2016-10-16
Aliette LeclercqFrance France3.00 EUR2016-10-16
Arlene ArpUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-10-16
Margaret NeateAustralia Australia20.00 USD2016-10-16
Robert J BrensAustralia Australia2.00 USD2016-10-15
Kris WildmanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)30.00 USD2016-10-15
John GurskiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-10-15
Roberto PalazzoItalia Italia1.00 EUR2016-10-14
Edward LeytonCanada Canada50.00 CAD2016-10-14
francois coussementFrance France5.00 EUR2016-10-13
Margarita ZieglerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-10-13
Raymundo Balderas MolinaMexico Mexico5.00 USD2016-10-13
Eric HorneUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-10-13
Eric HorneUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-10-13
AnonymousUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-10-12
josephine warrenUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2016-10-11
Martin WilliamsCanada Canada10.00 CAD2016-10-11
Philip SiekmanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-10-11
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-10-10
Marcello MannerucciItalia Italia10.00 EUR2016-10-10
Roger PanamanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-10-10
murielle lescopFrance France10.00 EUR2016-10-09
sarah caiseyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2016-10-09
Gustav LadénSweden Sweden5.00 EUR2016-10-09
ariane leguillonFrance France10.00 EUR2016-10-08
Michael SmithUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-10-08
Carlos VelateguiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-10-06
Michael BarleyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2016-10-06
Rachel DixonFrance France20.00 EUR2016-10-06
Anne LaBellaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-10-05
Marc VuilleumierSwitzerland Switzerland30.00 EUR2016-10-04
Mary WhitebirchUnited States (USA) United States (USA)6.00 USD2016-10-04
Anna LeitchUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-10-04
Helene SiciliaFrance France10.00 EUR2016-10-04
Luke WattUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-10-03
Ian TowersUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-10-03
Koiso KyokoPortugal Portugal20.00 EUR2016-10-03
Carol BowlesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-10-03
Sitt Ka FungHong Kong Hong Kong5.00 USD2016-10-03
Bruce LombardiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-10-02
Inti Cristobal Santamaria BolañosMexico Mexico9.00 USD2016-10-02
Lisa FisherUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-10-02
nina fashahiFrance France1.00 EUR2016-10-02
Geoffrey DaveyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-10-01
David WardUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2016-10-01
Salvatore RoggioUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-09-30
Martin DennisUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-09-30
Ruth Gunda AlbrechtSpain Spain10.00 EUR2016-09-30
Lynda CodeAustralia Australia5.00 USD2016-09-30
Philippe NielFrance France10.00 EUR2016-09-29
Nicolas MerlinFrance France5.00 EUR2016-09-29
Véronique PoullotFrance France5.00 EUR2016-09-28
Bernadette PowerAustralia Australia10.00 USD2016-09-28
Firinn TaisdealUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-09-28
jean-françois huotFrance France5.00 EUR2016-09-28
lorenzo del pantaItalia Italia30.00 EUR2016-09-28
Claude FertigFrance France15.00 EUR2016-09-27
Moises SojoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-09-26
John FerraraUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-09-26
James OrrUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-09-26
Jeffrey LeeAustralia Australia5.00 USD2016-09-26
Suzanne W HoggAustralia Australia10.00 USD2016-09-26
ANN LEEUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-09-25
Inah JOFrance France5.00 EUR2016-09-25
Paul M ReeveUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-09-25
Geneviève Binet-Tarbé de VauxclairsFrance France10.00 EUR2016-09-24
Iwan LambertFrance France2.00 EUR2016-09-23
ARTURO MARIA BARO VIDALSpain Spain5.00 EUR2016-09-23
Christine WhitelawUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-09-23
Sylvie HampikianFrance France7.00 EUR2016-09-23
Joel HerskowitzUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-09-23
Oscar CossaliItalia Italia5.00 EUR2016-09-21
Alan PayneUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-09-21
 Japan Japan20.00 USD2016-09-21
Erik NeumannUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-09-21
Jayne CritelliUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-09-21
Joachim JohowGermany Germany2.00 EUR2016-09-20
pascale demadeFrance France20.00 EUR2016-09-20
Christian WarnotteBelgium Belgium25.00 EUR2016-09-20
Dieter KokotGermany Germany10.00 EUR2016-09-19
valerie faureFrance France100.00 EUR2016-09-19
Rainer RafalskyGermany Germany1.00 EUR2016-09-19
Frank AlbersNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2016-09-18
edgardo garneroItalia Italia10.00 EUR2016-09-17
Christoph FischerSwitzerland Switzerland2.00 EUR2016-09-17
Oskar MeffertGermany Germany5.00 EUR2016-09-17
Allan TraversSouth Africa South Africa5.00 USD2016-09-17
pedro gor barrajonSpain Spain2.00 EUR2016-09-17
maria rochelle alanoSingapore Singapore3.00 USD2016-09-17
R. Douglas McCollumUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-09-16
Blake LorenzUnited States (USA) United States (USA)6.00 USD2016-09-16
Yulia RonskayaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-09-16
Aliette LeclercqFrance France3.00 EUR2016-09-16
Efi TerzidouGreece Greece5.00 EUR2016-09-16
 Japan Japan20.00 USD2016-09-16
Martin HillUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-09-16
Lisa MillerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-09-16
Lynelle MorrisUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-09-15
filip vermeirenUnited Kingdom United Kingdom15.00 GBP2016-09-15
Agnès PognonFrance France10.00 EUR2016-09-15
Jackie EppsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-09-14
Lynne ProvanceUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-09-14
Tuang ThangUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-09-14
Danielle HagoodUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.23 USD2016-09-13
Annette DinesenDenmark Denmark20.00 EUR2016-09-13
MISS E FRYERUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2016-09-13
Michael WhiteheadUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-09-13
AJM VersteegNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2016-09-12
Joachim LöhrGermany Germany1.00 EUR2016-09-12
John GurskiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-09-12
Dubois LoupBelgium Belgium1.00 EUR2016-09-11
chester majosUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-09-11
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-09-10
nathalie boudretFrance France20.00 EUR2016-09-10
giosuè masciariItalia Italia2.00 EUR2016-09-09
Garret SavlukUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-09-09
Robert BachmannUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-09-08
jean KriffFrance France30.00 EUR2016-09-08
nicolas sunjaFrance France10.00 EUR2016-09-08
Leo HekkerNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2016-09-07
jan stolkerNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2016-09-07
Gilles ARCHAMBEAUFrance France20.00 EUR2016-09-06
Alan OsbornUnited Kingdom United Kingdom20.00 GBP2016-09-06
Ted RobertsCanada Canada5.00 CAD2016-09-06
michael HynesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-09-05
Susan AikenUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-09-05
James LethamUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-09-05
Mira KhazzamCanada Canada50.00 CAD2016-09-05
Mark LaSavioUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-09-05
Rachel McGovernCanada Canada15.00 CAD2016-09-05
Sylvia TeterisUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.50 GBP2016-09-04
Luciana PredenItalia Italia10.00 EUR2016-09-04
Caroline PanicciaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-09-03
Richard PriceUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.50 GBP2016-09-03
Viviane LUKSFrance France20.00 EUR2016-09-03
sally houseUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-09-02
Daniele ReiberUnited Kingdom United Kingdom20.00 GBP2016-09-02
Linda D McFateUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-09-02
June Bonfield-BrownUnited Kingdom United Kingdom20.00 GBP2016-09-01
Rachel BanceUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-09-01
Thomas VogelUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-09-01
S T ClaphamUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-08-31
George BraunUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-08-31
Peter BroadbentUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-08-31
BARTHELEMY gilbertFrance France10.00 EUR2016-08-31
Kira BudzAustralia Australia5.00 USD2016-08-31
John TiffinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-08-31
Miriam LambUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-08-30
Sebastien WUILBERCQFrance France10.00 EUR2016-08-30
rob harperUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-08-30
Jean-Yves de LepinayFrance France5.00 EUR2016-08-30
Michael RayeUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-08-29
felicity bakerUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-08-29
Kenneth VisserUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-08-29
Anthony BlissUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-08-29
Valerie GettysUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2016-08-29
Viviane BourquinFrance France10.00 EUR2016-08-29
Dennis RusinakCanada Canada10.00 CAD2016-08-28
Luke WattUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-08-28
Diane ThompsonCanada Canada2.00 CAD2016-08-28
Angelmar RomanBrazil Brazil20.00 USD2016-08-28
John WilliamsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-08-28
Bernadette PowerAustralia Australia10.00 USD2016-08-27
Daniel LeverUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-08-26
Margaret SchaferUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-08-25
Bryan MintzUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2016-08-25
Barbara PierceUnited States (USA) United States (USA)7.00 USD2016-08-24
Christine KannUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2016-08-23
Marie-Suzanne LUCRECEFrance France5.00 EUR2016-08-23
Lindsey HawkinsAustralia Australia10.00 USD2016-08-23
Olivier THOUVENINFrance France4.00 EUR2016-08-22
Michael SonnenbergGermany Germany10.00 USD2016-08-22
rui xavierFrance France10.00 EUR2016-08-22
Michael ShermanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-08-21
Prudence Brooke-TurnerSpain Spain5.00 GBP2016-08-21
Ulrich JobstGermany Germany10.00 EUR2016-08-21
Kenneth RaineyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.30 USD2016-08-20
Jeff DizonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-08-20
Carolyn MoskowitzUnited States (USA) United States (USA)100.00 USD2016-08-19
lorayne olsenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-08-19
DI Josef ErnstAustria Austria10.00 EUR2016-08-18
Ernest BurkhardtUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-08-18
Randy MaunderCanada Canada15.00 CAD2016-08-17
brenda blanchardUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2016-08-17
Mary Jo DislerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-08-17
bernard BIGONNETFrance France5.00 EUR2016-08-17
Raphaël GARAUDFrance France5.00 EUR2016-08-17
Nadja GrössingAustria Austria5.00 EUR2016-08-16
Aliette LeclercqFrance France3.00 EUR2016-08-16
Horacio SolisCanada Canada15.00 CAD2016-08-16
Cardiac Electrophysiology Consultants of South Texas, PAUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-08-14
rronald dunnUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2016-08-14
Virginia LangmuirNew Zealand New Zealand5.00 USD2016-08-14
Mark HornerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-08-12
pat ryanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-08-12
Thomas HealeyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-08-12
Lorianne SilvermanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-08-12
Jerzy DziadkiewiczUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-08-11
Arthur FieldAustralia Australia10.00 USD2016-08-11
Natalie KilgallenUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-08-11
ANDREW BLENCOWEAustralia Australia5.00 USD2016-08-11
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-08-10
MIKUS RUDZITISLatvia Latvia7.00 EUR2016-08-10
kevin brennanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2016-08-10
JOHN GORMANUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-08-09
Norbert MärzGermany Germany25.00 EUR2016-08-09
aleksander piskovUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-08-09
Marc DietlinFrance France20.00 EUR2016-08-09
Sian SmithUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-08-09
Liyu LuChina China8.80 USD2016-08-09
Leslie LiuUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-08-09
David Van ScoyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2016-08-08
Robert RimmingtonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-08-08
William OhlsenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)50.00 USD2016-08-08
Valerie WeberUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2016-08-07
Sally KannUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-08-07
Joyce KanyukUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-08-07
AGNES ARNOLDFrance France10.00 EUR2016-08-06
Ewald Strohmar-MaulerAustria Austria5.00 EUR2016-08-06
Ludolf KolligsGermany Germany10.00 EUR2016-08-06
Paul LAMYFrance France10.00 EUR2016-08-05
Joachim Camerer-SchmidGermany Germany5.00 EUR2016-08-05
moise MIRELA LILIANAUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 EUR2016-08-05
Marco BindelliGermany Germany1.00 EUR2016-08-05
Alan MastersUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-08-04
Anna DanielUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.50 GBP2016-08-04
Larry SpencerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-08-04
Ida GrimsbyNorway Norway11.00 EUR2016-08-03
anne macdonaldUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-08-03
Amílcar SilvaPortugal Portugal5.00 EUR2016-08-02
François PAVIEFrance France10.00 EUR2016-08-02
Ileana OnofreiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-08-02
Albrecht SchönGermany Germany2.00 EUR2016-08-01
Julie AtkinsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-08-01
Richard RoweUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2016-08-01
Vicky HolmanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-08-01
Jonas OtterSweden Sweden10.00 EUR2016-08-01
OANH NGUYENFrance France20.00 EUR2016-07-31
James McLendonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-07-31
Fiona BellAustralia Australia10.00 EUR2016-07-30
AnonymeFrance France20.00 EUR2016-07-29
Jean-Pterre Bedeau de l 'EcochèreFrance France5.00 EUR2016-07-29
Stanislav ZubytskyyItalia Italia7.00 EUR2016-07-29
Philippe MaisonneuveFrance France30.00 EUR2016-07-29
Jacqueline LacotteFrance France15.00 EUR2016-07-29
Joseph OswaldUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-07-29
juliet hillUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2016-07-28
Edmond John EwingFrance France10.00 EUR2016-07-28
Luke WattUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-07-28
Allene WieseUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-07-28
Richard WhiteUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-07-28
Alex MarshallAustralia Australia5.00 USD2016-07-26
Domenico MoracaCanada Canada25.00 CAD2016-07-26
Thierry ChauveFrance France10.00 EUR2016-07-26
Antonino VenerosoItalia Italia10.00 EUR2016-07-26
marie lemarchandFrance France20.00 EUR2016-07-26
Ms C E HewittUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-07-26
johanna brownUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-07-25
Steven SmithUnited States (USA) United States (USA)50.00 USD2016-07-25
Michèle PeladanFrance France15.00 EUR2016-07-24
Pascale BardinFrance France10.00 EUR2016-07-23
Robert HuntAustralia Australia10.00 USD2016-07-23
Henri CarriereFrance France10.00 EUR2016-07-22
richard kastUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-07-22
Jennifer SpintiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2016-07-21
Casey HalbgewachsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)4.00 USD2016-07-21
Jean ADJIAGEFrance France10.00 EUR2016-07-20
Thomas K. LawlessUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-07-20
Riboulet LaurentFrance France40.00 EUR2016-07-20
Ted RobertsCanada Canada10.00 CAD2016-07-19
Yves HAMONICFrance France10.00 EUR2016-07-19
Vincent RortaisFrance France10.00 EUR2016-07-19
Paul McRaeUnited States (USA) United States (USA)50.00 USD2016-07-18
David ParkerUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-07-18
Frank HowdenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-07-18
Sheila MarshallUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2016-07-16
Denis EmelianovUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-07-16
Patrick JacksonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 EUR2016-07-16
Aliette LeclercqFrance France3.00 EUR2016-07-16
Kathryn UzielUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-07-16
Pierre PetitFrance France10.00 EUR2016-07-16
Simone CARIONFrance France15.00 EUR2016-07-16
Jorge ArangoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-07-14
MARGARET SHOFNERUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-07-14
Jean-Pierre ZrydSwitzerland Switzerland10.00 EUR2016-07-13
Jean-Pierre RogerGermany Germany5.00 EUR2016-07-13
howard baileyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-07-13
Regina GrahamUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-07-13
LEE KYUNGHEECorea South Corea South2.00 USD2016-07-12
Reza AliakbarUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-07-11
Martin HawkinsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-07-10
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-07-10
judith ringleUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-07-10
James FletcherUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-07-10
Eugene ScalisiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-07-10
Christopher GentileUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-07-09
David KingsburyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)50.00 USD2016-07-07
Nigel HartUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-07-07
Paul BakerUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2016-07-07
Ann EckelsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.50 USD2016-07-07
Ronal FosterUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-07-07
Anthony LazarusUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-07-07
kara mcarthurUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-07-06
Gislaine JouanneauFrance France15.00 EUR2016-07-06
Benjamin TompsettUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-07-05
william GalisonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-07-05
Frédéric GietFrance France5.00 EUR2016-07-05
mark hanlonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-07-05
Nicolas MerlinFrance France10.00 EUR2016-07-05
HAROLD SHABOUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-07-05
Eugene Moye JrUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-07-05
Koranan NawaratThailand Thailand5.00 USD2016-07-04
Neil BlatnickUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-07-04
Jean PelkeyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-07-04
Daniel JohnsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-07-03
Andrew SalmonAustralia Australia5.00 USD2016-07-03
elizabeth conantUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-07-02
Pascal LE ROYFrance France10.00 EUR2016-07-02
Andreas ReymannAustria Austria20.00 EUR2016-07-02
Cheryl RiggleUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-07-01
DAVID LAFFILEZFrance France10.00 EUR2016-07-01
Stephen NashUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-07-01
David ManningUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-07-01
Yannick LeroyFrance France10.00 EUR2016-06-30
Elizabeth ConstableUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-06-30
Erwin BurgstallerAustria Austria5.00 EUR2016-06-30
Paul BurnettUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-06-30
linda StrykerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-06-30
Jean-Pterre Bedeau de l 'EcochèreFrance France5.00 EUR2016-06-29
Patrizio CintioliItalia Italia5.00 EUR2016-06-29
Glenn HardyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-06-29
Eddy SchepmansBelgium Belgium1.00 EUR2016-06-28
Luke WattUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-06-28
Junwen DengUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-06-28
Gregory SpradilnUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-06-28
Steve NelsonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-06-28
Ronald HolmesUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-06-28
Frederique BARAZERFrance France15.00 EUR2016-06-28
Kevin KalajanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2016-06-28
theophile daabFrance France50.00 EUR2016-06-27
mathieu mazzoniFrance France5.00 EUR2016-06-27
André BieBelgium Belgium10.00 EUR2016-06-27
Vivienne ChadwickUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-06-26
Paolo ZuccottiItalia Italia10.00 EUR2016-06-26
Dror ReichenbergIsrael Israel5.00 EUR2016-06-26
Chris GulleyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-06-25
Jolieke van 't HoffNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2016-06-25
Mark AllertonAustralia Australia10.00 USD2016-06-25
Ivan DiazFrance France10.00 EUR2016-06-24
Hendrikus de WaartUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-06-22
Gary PanseyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-06-22
Susanne Callenberg-BissingerGermany Germany20.00 EUR2016-06-22
LORENZO MEDEOTItalia Italia5.00 EUR2016-06-21
Ruth CurtisUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-06-21
Assia NinioCanada Canada10.00 CAD2016-06-21
Les Grigris de CigaleFrance France5.00 EUR2016-06-21
Simone CarionFrance France20.00 EUR2016-06-20
Soeur Marie Catherine Association Louis de BretagneFrance France20.00 EUR2016-06-19
楊 筱海Taiwan Taiwan20.00 USD2016-06-18
GUY ROSSIFrance France10.00 EUR2016-06-18
MRS. SAOWALUX POSHYANANDANAThailand Thailand10.00 USD2016-06-17
Aliette LeclercqFrance France3.00 EUR2016-06-16
Jean-Paul GuilletCanada Canada10.00 CAD2016-06-16
MARGARET SHOFNERUnited States (USA) United States (USA)4.00 USD2016-06-15
isabelle lecerfFrance France15.00 EUR2016-06-15
Dietrich WachsmuthGermany Germany15.00 EUR2016-06-15
Fabrizio BordiniItalia Italia3.00 EUR2016-06-15
Bill ClarkCanada Canada10.00 CAD2016-06-14
Ngoc Minh Tam NguyenSwitzerland Switzerland5.00 EUR2016-06-14
Polly KlemmerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-06-14
sheldon secundaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-06-12
alison denhamUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-06-12
Roman CybulskiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-06-12
marie lo curcioFrance France10.00 EUR2016-06-12
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-06-10
Aija Kivisaari-MartinezBelgium Belgium5.00 EUR2016-06-10
Christopher StrangewaysUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-06-10
Rostan, AndréFrance France30.00 EUR2016-06-09
JoAnn LongobardiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-06-09
Susan HughesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-06-09
Dario BellinatoItalia Italia1.00 EUR2016-06-08
Madeline HuaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)30.00 USD2016-06-08
Claude FertigFrance France20.00 EUR2016-06-08
Peter MyersUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-06-08
Kathryn MinicozziUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-06-08
Esteban BelinchónSpain Spain5.00 EUR2016-06-08
mauro camplaniSwitzerland Switzerland20.00 EUR2016-06-07
Elena PedemonteCanada Canada10.00 CAD2016-06-07
Miguel Angel Chueca GómezSpain Spain5.00 EUR2016-06-07
Lars FrankGermany Germany20.00 EUR2016-06-06
PEDRO GALLIAN JRBrazil Brazil10.00 USD2016-06-06
Thomas NybergSweden Sweden10.00 USD2016-06-06
Christina YoonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-06-06
Lucy ParkUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-06-05
John GawlerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-06-05
Jean-Paul GuilletCanada Canada10.00 CAD2016-06-05
Andreas BrandtGermany Germany25.00 EUR2016-06-04
Oblinger WolfgangGermany Germany10.00 EUR2016-06-03
Miguel Angel Úbeda CárdenasSpain Spain10.00 EUR2016-06-03
Marsha PetrovicUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-06-03
Yves DANGFrance France20.00 EUR2016-06-03
Bruno CHAUVEAUFrance France50.00 EUR2016-06-03
Brenda JohnsonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-06-02
Brenda JohnsonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-06-01
Massimo MaterniItalia Italia10.00 EUR2016-06-01
Julia MAURICEFrance France10.00 EUR2016-05-31
carlo brancatoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)7.00 EUR2016-05-31
Lewis KeenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)7.00 USD2016-05-29
Robert PriceUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-05-29
John MullerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-05-29
Eldon JohnsonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-05-29
Jean-Pterre Bedeau de l 'EcochèreFrance France5.00 EUR2016-05-29
Luke WattUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-05-28
Abdourahmane BarryFrance France5.00 EUR2016-05-28
Clément Rakotondrajao RiedoSwitzerland Switzerland10.00 EUR2016-05-28
Tanya PitzerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-05-28
Jacques VergneFrance France10.00 EUR2016-05-27
Heather HazelwoodUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-05-26
Daria UlantsevaFrance France60.00 EUR2016-05-25
CHRIS HUCKERUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 EUR2016-05-25
Amos JOSEPHFrance France5.00 EUR2016-05-25
Jill CourbetFrance France10.00 EUR2016-05-24
William HolcombUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2016-05-24
Karim KashUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-05-24
Michael LorenzGermany Germany10.00 EUR2016-05-24
Boyd HolmesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-05-24
Roos WijsNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2016-05-23
raymond GervaisFrance France10.00 EUR2016-05-23
David BurtCanada Canada2.00 CAD2016-05-23
Pat HansenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-05-22
Wang BoChina China10.00 USD2016-05-22
william woodersonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 EUR2016-05-22
Sheila WilsonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-05-22
Julius WeeksUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-05-21
Jean PasselecqBelgium Belgium20.00 EUR2016-05-20
Jean-Christophe MICHELFrance France10.00 EUR2016-05-20
Samantha DeenajeetUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-05-20
Alan OsbornUnited Kingdom United Kingdom20.00 GBP2016-05-19
Debora ElliottAustralia Australia10.00 USD2016-05-19
JOSE DOMENECH PARTSpain Spain5.00 EUR2016-05-18
Robert BarrUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-05-18
pascale sidoroffFrance France50.00 EUR2016-05-18
consonaSweden Sweden10.00 USD2016-05-18
Eric MinamiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 EUR2016-05-17
Aliette LeclercqFrance France3.00 EUR2016-05-16
Eileen SquiresCanada Canada10.00 CAD2016-05-16
Peter SchwalmGermany Germany10.00 EUR2016-05-15
Karen SilvesterGermany Germany5.00 EUR2016-05-15
Frederick GlavinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-05-15
Thierry ChauveFrance France10.00 EUR2016-05-14
Ahrens Archival ServicesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-05-13
Benjamin LerouxFrance France2.00 EUR2016-05-13
Ugnė MatukaitytėLithuania Lithuania1.00 EUR2016-05-12
MARC PELLEGRINIFrance France20.00 EUR2016-05-12
Karla LodgeUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2016-05-12
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-05-11
Joseph HENNUYERFrance France6.00 EUR2016-05-10
james grahamUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-05-10
Erzo LuttmerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)50.00 USD2016-05-10
John ChovanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-05-10
Genadij SienkiewiczUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-05-08
CHRISTELLE GADRONFrance France10.00 EUR2016-05-08
Cesare TeghilloItalia Italia10.00 EUR2016-05-08
Michel GenevauxFrance France15.00 EUR2016-05-08
HUGUES HUDDLESTONEFrance France10.00 EUR2016-05-07
Fabrizio FogliItalia Italia10.00 EUR2016-05-07
John HardakerUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-05-06
Peter ScottUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-05-05
Robert RansburgGermany Germany10.00 EUR2016-05-05
marjorie nareyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-05-05
Alexander MacAllisterNorway Norway5.00 EUR2016-05-05
Sally StlawrenceUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-05-05
James G PacquerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-05-04
Raymond KimUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-05-04
Luca BrandaniItalia Italia5.00 EUR2016-05-04
Rebecca RizviUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-05-02
Daniel EmamiGermany Germany50.00 EUR2016-05-02
NIGEL TIMMSUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2016-05-01
Wayne BollingerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-05-01
Uwe WassermannGermany Germany50.00 EUR2016-05-01
thomas morrisUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-05-01
robert rothmanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-04-30
Ann DandurandUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-04-30
D StebbingUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2016-04-30
Betsy MarvitUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.50 USD2016-04-30
Jean-Pterre Bedeau de l 'EcochèreFrance France5.00 EUR2016-04-29
Rune AalbergNorway Norway10.00 EUR2016-04-29
JEAN-CLAUDE MOTSCHFrance France5.00 EUR2016-04-29
francis buyseBelgium Belgium5.00 EUR2016-04-28
Luke WattUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-04-28
P RileyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-04-27
Christopher SchirrenGermany Germany15.00 EUR2016-04-26
Victor van LieshoutNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2016-04-25
Marc LESARTREFrance France10.00 EUR2016-04-24
Dan GertmenianUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-04-24
isabelle dietschFrance France1.00 EUR2016-04-23
isabelle dietschFrance France3.00 EUR2016-04-23
Christiane GraticolaFrance France10.00 EUR2016-04-22
Alan RidingFrance France5.00 EUR2016-04-22
Scott RauchUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2016-04-22
ทวีป เทพสุธรรมรัตน์Thailand Thailand10.00 USD2016-04-22
Richard BrintonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2016-04-22
Sônia MANSAUDFrance France1.00 EUR2016-04-21
Beata EckermanAustralia Australia10.00 USD2016-04-21
tim clarkUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 EUR2016-04-21
Cynthia MoussasUnited States (USA) United States (USA)7.00 USD2016-04-19
roberto valdemarcaFrance France20.00 EUR2016-04-19
Aliette LeclercqFrance France3.00 EUR2016-04-17
Pasith AngkananukrohUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.50 GBP2016-04-17
Marc WattiauxBelgium Belgium5.34 EUR2016-04-16
Els De BruijnNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2016-04-16
Jean-Paul GuilletCanada Canada10.00 CAD2016-04-16
Craig FosterUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-04-15
Bruce BoyceUnited States (USA) United States (USA)50.00 USD2016-04-15
Jean Marie SENDRAFrance France20.00 EUR2016-04-14
Jing LiCanada Canada5.00 CAD2016-04-14
Steven KuhnUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2016-04-14
RdK Piano StudiosUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-04-14
E WilliamsNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2016-04-13
john roederUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-04-12
ASTRID VOLLMANNUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-04-12
Robert TyeUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-04-12
JP BulensNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2016-04-11
Véronique MACEFrance France10.00 EUR2016-04-11
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-04-10
David LillicrapUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-04-09
Bruno ESTRANGINFrance France10.00 EUR2016-04-09
persimmon augstUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-04-09
Ingeborg FickNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2016-04-08
Miran BlažekCroatia Croatia5.00 EUR2016-04-08
Patrick GirardCanada Canada5.00 CAD2016-04-08
steven g blomUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-04-05
Anne WinckleyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-04-05
David MEYERFrance France20.00 EUR2016-04-05
Anne-Marie MARTINEZ-LEVOFrance France30.00 EUR2016-04-05
Charles DuncanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-04-04
Michael CohenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-04-03
rodica abalutaFrance France10.00 EUR2016-04-03
Richard CookUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-04-03
Emeric PlanetFrance France10.00 EUR2016-04-03
Camille DahindenFrance France15.00 EUR2016-04-03
Daniel MerlandFrance France15.00 EUR2016-04-03
Wieland BuchnerGermany Germany5.00 EUR2016-04-03
YICK PANG LEEAustralia Australia5.00 USD2016-04-02
Sébastien MaillotFrance France5.00 EUR2016-04-02
Anne SykesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-04-02
Gerhard NierhausAustria Austria10.00 EUR2016-04-01
philippe attiasIsrael Israel30.00 EUR2016-04-01
Kenneth HinmanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-04-01
Dong DuongUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-04-01
Albertus de JagerAustralia Australia10.00 USD2016-03-31
Jojok SumartojoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-03-31
Pierre BureauCanada Canada10.00 CAD2016-03-31
ETIENNE AUDETCanada Canada10.00 CAD2016-03-30
Amanda Van LanenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 EUR2016-03-30
Jean-Pterre Bedeau de l 'EcochèreFrance France5.00 EUR2016-03-29
Adriano TogniItalia Italia10.00 EUR2016-03-29
Luke WattUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-03-28
Stan MoonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-03-28
Nathalie PINTOFrance France5.00 EUR2016-03-28
Myron E ZorgerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-03-28
Józef MasajtisPoland Poland20.00 EUR2016-03-27
Guðrún HólmgeirsdóttirIceland Iceland5.00 EUR2016-03-27
Michel LEGENDREFrance France10.00 EUR2016-03-27
ISABELLE NOEL HOWAFrance France10.00 EUR2016-03-27
Michel DEQUEFrance France10.00 EUR2016-03-27
Thomas ProwellUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-03-27
David WatsonAustralia Australia10.00 USD2016-03-26
David TeagueUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2016-03-26
amanda bellUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2016-03-26
Kiyomi MuraiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-03-25
Markus MüllerGermany Germany10.00 EUR2016-03-25
Robert WilcoxGermany Germany100.00 USD2016-03-25
David HoltUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-03-25
jean dinaFrance France5.00 EUR2016-03-24
Viorica BurcaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-03-24
Marion FourquetFrance France15.00 EUR2016-03-23
Rodney GhearingUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-03-23
Stella RobertsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-03-23
Dominique RougierFrance France5.00 EUR2016-03-21
Josiane LAMBERTFrance France20.00 EUR2016-03-20
Raymond HutchinsonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)32.00 USD2016-03-20
Francine MonjoieBelgium Belgium20.00 EUR2016-03-19
Katherine MayerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2016-03-19
Peter EmeryUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-03-19
John GreenUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-03-19
KIM LONGUnited States (USA) United States (USA)7.00 USD2016-03-18
Rebecca ChartersUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-03-18
Hui LiUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-03-18
peter poppeBelgium Belgium15.00 EUR2016-03-17
Philip TaggUnited Kingdom United Kingdom8.00 GBP2016-03-17
Isis Cristina BarchiBrazil Brazil5.00 USD2016-03-17
MAURICE SENDERFrance France5.00 EUR2016-03-16
Chantal Balavoine-MathieuSwitzerland Switzerland10.00 EUR2016-03-16
Deborah SudulFrance France20.00 EUR2016-03-16
Melanie ChilianisAustralia Australia3.00 USD2016-03-16
AJM VersteegNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2016-03-15
Jakub DaszkiewiczUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 EUR2016-03-15
Christian HabeckUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-03-15
GRAHAM A HALLUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-03-15
Shane EdmondsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)30.00 USD2016-03-15
Rebecca FrasureUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-03-15
Jennifer HagstromUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 EUR2016-03-14
Norbert MärzGermany Germany25.00 EUR2016-03-13
George PapadakisUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-03-13
Thierry ChauveFrance France10.00 EUR2016-03-13
Sergio AssayasItalia Italia15.00 EUR2016-03-12
Norbert BraunGermany Germany20.00 EUR2016-03-11
Vincenzo NOCEFrance France8.00 EUR2016-03-11
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-03-10
Phyllis FulhamAustralia Australia10.00 USD2016-03-10
N A HerlihyIrland Irland5.00 EUR2016-03-10
Luc DanniauBelgium Belgium10.00 EUR2016-03-10
Glendon CoultonAustralia Australia10.00 USD2016-03-10
Siyu TaoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-03-10
Starfire/Rapport CommunicationsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 EUR2016-03-09
Stephen ReamUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-03-09
Pal PusztaiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-03-09
Marielle PetitCanada Canada25.00 CAD2016-03-09
Shelagh WinshipUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-03-09
Walter ArcariItalia Italia25.00 EUR2016-03-08
George HenschelUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-03-08
Carolyn Crumpton, PhD, Inc.United States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-03-08
Linda Anderson Piano StudioUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2016-03-08
inès françoise CALDERONFrance France10.00 EUR2016-03-07
rui xavierFrance France10.00 EUR2016-03-07
Patricia Price-TomesUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-03-07
Rosalynne MccortUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2016-03-06
Barcy McNealUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-03-05
Gilles DAVINFrance France20.00 EUR2016-03-05
Javier Sainz GuerraSpain Spain3.00 EUR2016-03-05
Marie-Claire LapareCanada Canada10.00 CAD2016-03-04
Jill GublerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-03-03
Richard OstrowskiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-03-02
RICHARD BRODEUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-03-01
Michel CABOTFrance France10.00 EUR2016-03-01
태영 현Corea South Corea South10.00 USD2016-03-01
Olgierd OssowskiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)100.00 USD2016-03-01
J. Malcolm LaniusUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-03-01
Jean-Pierre Bedeau de l 'EcochèreFrance France5.00 EUR2016-03-01
Elaine RosenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-02-29
Guy GingrasCanada Canada10.00 CAD2016-02-29
John StenhouseUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-02-29
FOUAD KORIBAPoland Poland5.00 EUR2016-02-29
Dorothee MüllerGermany Germany20.00 EUR2016-02-29
Jack RedmanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.50 GBP2016-02-28
Luke WattUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-02-28
Silvia SupraniItalia Italia3.00 EUR2016-02-27
Geneviève HaasFrance France20.00 EUR2016-02-26
Annelies PrevostAustria Austria10.00 EUR2016-02-25
Bernadette PowerAustralia Australia5.00 USD2016-02-25
Emanuele CibrarioUnited Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates2.00 USD2016-02-25
victor yancovitchCanada Canada6.00 CAD2016-02-25
Debra ChangUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-02-25
LYNNE WARRENUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-02-24
didier BigotFrance France5.00 EUR2016-02-24
J PaluchUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-02-24
matt schorUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2016-02-24
Ruslan VishnevskiyGermany Germany10.00 EUR2016-02-23
Alain CHIVAFrance France20.00 EUR2016-02-23
Robert FreedmanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-02-23
Andres NavarroUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-02-22
PAOLO FOLLESAItalia Italia10.00 EUR2016-02-22
Guy RossignolFrance France10.00 EUR2016-02-22
Giampiero ManaraItalia Italia10.00 EUR2016-02-21
Bernard BourguignonFrance France5.00 EUR2016-02-21
Isabell AvudriaCanada Canada5.00 CAD2016-02-21
steven g blomUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-02-21
Dieter Braas-KastienGermany Germany5.00 EUR2016-02-21
Irmingard FloeglAustria Austria3.00 EUR2016-02-21
Current Technologies Group LlcUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-02-21
Elizabeth GillumUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-02-20
Dolly WilsonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-02-18
henk cor Van der KwastSwitzerland Switzerland10.00 EUR2016-02-17
Samantha ShimogawaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-02-17
carol carlsonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-02-16
Aliette LeclercqFrance France3.00 EUR2016-02-16
claude vitaliFrance France20.00 EUR2016-02-16
Clyde GrabskiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)30.00 USD2016-02-16
Gunilla BerglundSweden Sweden10.00 EUR2016-02-15
Signhild DamusCanada Canada20.00 CAD2016-02-15
Lisa GrayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-02-14
E H BrooksUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-02-14
Maja RogicCroatia Croatia3.00 EUR2016-02-13
Nicholas PordhamUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-02-13
MAURICE SENDERFrance France2.00 EUR2016-02-13
Paul HuvelleBelgium Belgium20.00 EUR2016-02-13
JOHN MILLERUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2016-02-12
Marie Gisselsson SolénSweden Sweden5.00 GBP2016-02-12
James SimmonsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-02-12
Anne PhaneufCanada Canada5.00 CAD2016-02-12
Peter GuhlSwitzerland Switzerland10.00 EUR2016-02-11
prima alonzoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-02-11
JOAN MOSQUEA LANTIGUADominican Rep. Dominican Rep.3.00 USD2016-02-11
r o c seamanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-02-11
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-02-10
Frank LossUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-02-10
Kristina DavisUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-02-09
Evelyne ImbertFrance France10.00 EUR2016-02-09
Zlatkov GalinaFrance France3.00 EUR2016-02-09
Eva GregoryUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-02-08
Sherise LonghurstUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-02-08
Patrice JacquartFrance France10.00 EUR2016-02-08
Lindy TaylorUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2016-02-08
Linda SaberiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-02-07
alain chatevaireFrance France3.00 EUR2016-02-07
Lucien PALISSEFrance France50.00 EUR2016-02-07
Trond TollefsrudNorway Norway10.00 EUR2016-02-07
Sarah LumbardUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-02-06
Jean LochetFrance France10.00 EUR2016-02-06
Carlton NewtonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-02-05
antonio colonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-02-05
Sandro DibellaItalia Italia2.00 EUR2016-02-05
ERIC HELLSTROMFinland Finland5.00 EUR2016-02-04
Peter KetelaarsNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2016-02-04
michèle arnaudFrance France20.00 EUR2016-02-04
Junhua DengUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2016-02-03
AGNE PANTELOURIBelgium Belgium50.00 EUR2016-02-03
michel rockersFrance France10.00 EUR2016-02-03
Eileen KovalUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2016-02-03
Jonathan MolofskyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-02-02
Kathleen JesmeUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-02-02
Paul LAMYFrance France5.00 EUR2016-02-02
Giuseppe NovelliItalia Italia5.00 EUR2016-02-02
Bert TaxNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2016-02-02
Lewis Design Studio, Inc.United States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-02-02
rebeca harrisUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-02-01
Chantal LefevreFrance France3.00 EUR2016-02-01
JACQUES STE-MARIECanada Canada5.00 CAD2016-02-01
Michael D BoydUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-01-31
Mordechay ZinmanIsrael Israel15.00 USD2016-01-31
claude-aline LegéFrance France3.00 EUR2016-01-31
Loraine McIntyreUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-01-30
Antonio Hernández ParraSpain Spain5.00 EUR2016-01-30
Walt AmickUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-01-30
Claude MedearisUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-01-30
Stephen PretzelAustralia Australia10.00 CAD2016-01-30
Geoffrey GrahamUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-01-30
Cristian MunteanuRoumania Roumania1.00 EUR2016-01-30
黃 靖涵Taiwan Taiwan5.00 USD2016-01-29
David WatsonAustralia Australia10.00 USD2016-01-29
Jean-Pierre Bedeau de l 'EcochèreFrance France5.00 EUR2016-01-29
Sky Fund LLCUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2016-01-29
A. Mark ConardUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-01-29
DR. LEE ACUPUNCTURE & CHINESEUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-01-29
Pierre RenaudinFrance France50.00 EUR2016-01-29
Luke WattUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-01-28
Nathan BaerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-01-28
FREDERIC SAUMAGNEFrance France10.00 EUR2016-01-28
Kevin ZoernigUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-01-28
Anne CoquelFrance France30.00 EUR2016-01-28
KEALEY SUMMERSUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2016-01-27
Thérèse GuillotFrance France10.00 EUR2016-01-26
zoe allanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2016-01-26
Johanna De Haas - De RoosNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2016-01-26
Patrizio CintioliItalia Italia15.00 EUR2016-01-26
C SwansonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom21.00 GBP2016-01-26
Michael GrimwoodAustralia Australia20.00 USD2016-01-26
Johannes Asmus PetersenGermany Germany2.00 EUR2016-01-26
massimo giovinazzoFrance France5.00 EUR2016-01-26
Carol NegroUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-01-25
João LemosPortugal Portugal5.00 EUR2016-01-25
Gerhard SollnerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-01-24
Carolyn NeeperUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-01-24
denis schmidtAustralia Australia2.00 EUR2016-01-24
Ewart HopkinsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-01-23
Marie-Christine ThoisonFrance France10.00 EUR2016-01-23
RICHARD BOSWORTHUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-01-23
Christoph GreuterSwitzerland Switzerland20.00 EUR2016-01-23
Juha TanskaFinland Finland10.00 EUR2016-01-23
Herb WaltersUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-01-22
marion brugmanNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2016-01-22
yves barbinFrance France10.00 EUR2016-01-22
William CameronUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-01-21
Music's QuillUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-01-21
Hilary PerrottCanada Canada10.00 CAD2016-01-21
nigel SPRINGETTGermany Germany15.00 EUR2016-01-19
Stan MoonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-01-19
Hector Manuel Herrera vargasMexico Mexico10.00 CAD2016-01-19
Tatiana FreedlandUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-01-19
Alexander LorenzUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2016-01-17
bertrand bernheimFrance France10.00 EUR2016-01-17
Peter TeeuwenNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2016-01-17
Aliette LeclercqFrance France3.00 EUR2016-01-16
Ian BraithwaiteUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-01-16
Anthony NorrisUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 EUR2016-01-16
Chung IvankaTaiwan Taiwan30.00 USD2016-01-16
Jean Pierre BertrandCanada Canada8.00 CAD2016-01-15
Diana JohnstonCanada Canada10.00 CAD2016-01-15
Renee HoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2016-01-14
Jimmy BarnesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-01-14
Song EunjaeCorea South Corea South5.00 USD2016-01-13
Martin FrischknechtSwitzerland Switzerland20.00 USD2016-01-13
Iria SchubertAustria Austria10.00 EUR2016-01-13
Sébastien GinestetFrance France2.00 EUR2016-01-12
David SandersonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2016-01-12
B.G. (anonymous)United States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-01-12
Gérard LEGACFrance France15.00 EUR2016-01-12
Gilles ConcordelSwitzerland Switzerland99.00 EUR2016-01-12
Nicholas ShreiberUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-01-12
Anne BONTINCKBelgium Belgium5.00 EUR2016-01-11
ELBERT KOKNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2016-01-11
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-01-10
Stefan GilgesGermany Germany5.00 EUR2016-01-10
William ScottUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-01-10
Thomas CokeniasUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-01-10
Gerald P FryerAustralia Australia5.00 USD2016-01-09
David GuntonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2016-01-09
Dirk OstermeierGermany Germany10.00 EUR2016-01-09
Gerald PortnerCanada Canada5.00 CAD2016-01-09
Robert BurgessUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-01-08
teodorico zurloItalia Italia4.00 EUR2016-01-08
Philip JackmanCanada Canada7.00 CAD2016-01-08
Virgile WoringerSwitzerland Switzerland20.00 EUR2016-01-07
David WatsonAustralia Australia10.00 USD2016-01-07
Marie-Claude CHANTIERFrance France10.00 EUR2016-01-06
Pascal BRUNFrance France20.00 EUR2016-01-06
Augusta MolnarUnited States (USA) United States (USA)35.00 USD2016-01-06
Brad Lee HolianUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2016-01-05
유경 이Corea South Corea South5.00 USD2016-01-05
NADINE D ANGELOFrance France5.00 EUR2016-01-04
r d lloydUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2016-01-04
Karen DunnUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2016-01-04
marie lo curcioFrance France10.00 EUR2016-01-03
R.B Rimington WilsonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom25.00 GBP2016-01-03
Thierry ChauveFrance France10.00 EUR2016-01-02
Kevin BennettUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2016-01-01
Tom GaskinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2016-01-01
Karl MillsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2016-01-01
jean-louis alliotFrance France15.00 EUR2016-01-01
Jeffrey MelvaineAustralia Australia20.00 USD2016-01-01
Tom HanlonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2016-01-01
Donation Gifts
For any donation of € 50 (or $60 or £44 or 72CAD) or more we will send one luxury metal pen engraved

For any donation of € 100 (or $120 or £88 or 140 CAD) or more we will send you one luxury metal pen engraved

+ USB 8Gb stick

These items are sent to the address indicated during the transaction on the paypal site.

About these objects:
Our objects are collectors (available in very limited quantities). We realised these objects initially for the composition contest.

Here are the exact costs of our objects:

- The PEN cost us 2.4 euros per unit. For a donation of 50 euros,1 PEN represent the 10% of your donation amount (shipping included).

- USB stick cost us 5.9 euros per unit. For a donation of 100 euros, 1 USB key + 1 PEN represents 12-13% of your donation amount (shipping included).

Details for cumulative donations:
If you have already made donations, it is possible to combine several small donations to meet the thresholds of 50 or 100 euros. However we have no system to alert us to easily achieve these thresholds. It will be desirable to inform us by email or by writing a note on paypal during the payment process when you feel you have crossed the threshold of 50 euros and if you want to wait to cross the 100 euros.