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Carnero, Ana Leira: BEAD ROCK (from Piano Sonata No.3 "Mondana")

BEAD ROCK (from Piano Sonata No.3 "Mondana")
Op.5 No.3
Ana Leira Carnero

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VoirTélécharger PDF : BEAD ROCK for solo piano, Op.5 No.3 (18 pages - 1.84 Mo)2500x

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Compositeur :
Editeur :
Ana Leira CarneroCarnero, Ana Leira (1973 - )
Instrumentation :

Piano seul

Genre :


Tonalité :Mi mineur
Dedicace :Moro
Droit d'auteur :Carnero, Ana Leira © All rights reserved
'Bead Rock' is the third movement of my Piano Sonata No. 3 'Mondana'; also it may be performed as a standalone concert piece, and I encourage pianists to play it in that way. The title is a play on words, and refers to a spherical jewel like a pearl, but also refers to the main motif (which comprises the notes B, E, A, D) and Rock as a musical genre. Composition was influenced by George Gershwin, Jelly Roll Morton, Jerry Lee Lewis, Nikolai Kapustin and Keith Emerson, and it includes a funny quote from the J.S.Bach's Italian Concerto. The jazzy style of this piece may be defined as avant-garde, crossover, free-jazz, fusion, modern creative, third stream or jazz-rock.
The sheet music is highly detailed, with complete fingering and pedal marking. The tempo indication is 'veloce con veemenza' (vehemently fast). So, let's rock!!!
Source / Web :more info at composer site
Ajoutée par analeiracarnero le 2014-10-24
8 commentaires

Par yvan-gaulin , a 08:20

Sublime! Énergique et musical
analeiracarnero Propriétaire, 27 Avr 2015 a 02:37
Merci beaucoup
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Par aurelie-tomezzoli , a 20:05 celle de Prokofiev (inspirée de la toccata de Schumann, d'ailleurs). Par contre, cette pièce doit être extrêmement fatigante à jouer. ... And the Prokofiev's one (it's inspired by the toccata of Schumann too). But this score must be extremely tiring to play.
analeiracarnero Propriétaire, 20 Mar 2015 a 20:38
Thanks for your new comment. This is not an easy piece, but Schumann's Toccata and Prokófiev's Toccata are more difficult and tiring than "Bead Rock", I'm sure.
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Par atie-bernet, a 12:19

A spicy piece. Alas no slow part nor resting point in the piece.
analeiracarnero Propriétaire, 20 Mar 2015 a 19:24
Thanks for your comment. This is a toccata-like piece, so there's no need for slow part. There's a large development, which fulfils the contrasting function in regard to the thematic material. Energy is the key for the rock feeling I want, and a slow part would destroy that. Moreover, this piece belongs to my third sonata, where it is preceded by a slow movement.
Would you like a slow part inside the Schumann's Toccata, Op.7? It lasts two minutes longer than my piece.
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Par christian-faivre , a 18:22

Excellent !
analeiracarnero Propriétaire, 08 Mar 2015 a 02:51
Thank you so much.
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Par jeanpaul-carriere, a 17:23

It is a real good and brilliant "rocky" classical music piece. I would be happy to discover the other parts of this sonata ...
analeiracarnero Propriétaire, 04 Fév 2015 a 09:47
Thank you so much. Please go to my webpage to hear my piece BARCAROLLE IN BLUE AND WHITEWATER, which is the second movement of this sonata.
jeanpaul-carriere, 04 Fév 2015 a 15:31
I went to your web page and I listen to this 3rd movement. I love this continuous feeling of being on a boat. This part is full of colours. It's great !
analeiracarnero Propriétaire, 04 Fév 2015 a 20:01
Thanks again!!!
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Op.5: Piano Sonata No.3 "Mondana"

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