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Adson, John John Adson
Royaume-Uni Royaume-Uni
(1587 - 1640)

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classical guitar

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John Adson
John Adson Editer votre profil (1587 - 1640)
Royaume-Uni Royaume-Uni
John Adson (c. 1587 ? 29 June 1640) was an English musician and composer. Little is known about his early life; indeed, the first certain reference to him comes in 1604, when he was in service to Charles III, Duke of Lorraine as a cornett player. Some time around February 1614 he married Jane Lannerie and at least two of their sons went on to become musicians themselves. After relocating to London, Adson joined the City Waits and remained a member until his death. He is also associated with theatre music, being referenced in plays by the King's theatre company in 1634 and 1639. He became roya ... (lire la suite)
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The Courtly Masquered Ayres N°1
John Adson
Saxophone Quintette / 6 PDF / 2 MP3 / MIDI Interprétée
Arrangeur : Hamon, Pierre
Ajouté le 10-07-2010
"Courtly Masquing Ayres" for Flutes & Strings
John Adson
2 flûtes, quatuor à cordes / 5 PDF / 1 MP3
Arrangeur : Magatagan, Mike

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