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Gitlitz, Paul Paul Gitlitz
Canada Canada, Saskatoon
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Gitlitz, Paul : Buffalo Shuffle
violon, banjo, guitare, basse / Facile / 1 PDF / 1 MP3 / MIDI Interprétée
Gitlitz, Paul : Diesel Through The Day
Tout instrument / Facile / 1 PDF / MIDI
Gitlitz, Paul : Fuller The Fiddler ((Rhythm- jig))
Tout instrument / Facile / 1 PDF / MIDI

Hello fellow musicians,

Ecrit le 2009-02-18 par Paul Gitlitz
I am happy to have seen the vast number of downloads my tunes have had over the years. I'm even happier to have heard comments from those of you who have written.
I know not all speak English, but I love to hear from you. Comments are welcome whether good or bad, since it helps me find out what others seek in the music they love.
I have had a tune negatively commented on and realized I chose to call it a Tango when it was a Reel with a bit of a Tango feel.
This may be exciting for a player of reels and very disappointing for a Tango player.
I am altering most of my tunes to be listed as Celtic although some sound American or Russian or Latin they are basically all coming from the 32 bar fiddle tune common to Celtic music and intended to be used for dancers. The bulk of the tunes are reels, jigs, and waltzes with a few polkas, hornpipes, airs and swing tunes. Even the swing tunes are really reels with a swing feel.

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