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Genell, Kaj Kaj Genell
Suède Suède, Gothenburg
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Les Coups de Coeur
de Kaj Genell
Prelude in C# minor
Rachmaninoff, Sergei (Piano seul)
Study in irregularity
Schoonenbeek, Kees (Piano seul)
Rondo for Piano and Flute
Siska, Peter Joachim (Flute et Piano)
Sonata for flute and piano
Gioia, Gianfranco (Flute et Piano)
The Lonely Ballerina
Iliev, Grigor (Piano seul)
ZEHAR, FARID (Trio d'anches)
3 Lorca Sketches for Orchestra
Ross, Clark (Orchestre)
LANUZA, JEROME JOSEF (Ensemble à vent)
Jorge, Pena (Chorale 2 Voix, Piano)

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Kaj Genell
Kaj Genell (1944 - )
Suède Suède, Gothenburg
inscrit sur le site avant 2010
A propos de l'artiste
Je suis pianiste et compositeur suédois - et membre de STIM dans la Suède.
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I have updated my web site.

Ecrit le 2015-05-15 par Kaj Genell
New design on my web site !

Playing The crossing

Ecrit le 2015-05-08 par Kaj Genell, Playing The crossing on a synth. Only the A-theme.

Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker
Ecrit le 2015-05-03 par Kaj Genell
For a lot of years I have been wondering what Bach would have said, had he heard the first 8 bars of Ch. Parkers Confirmation. I will never get to know, of course.

a bronze saxophone ....

Ecrit le 2014-10-12 par Kaj Genell
Something like this gives a real good tone: a Yanagisawa T-901, but I will not ever be able to buy it, as far as I can see

New Home Site layout ......

Ecrit le 2014-10-04 par Kaj Genell
I have refreshed my Home Site....

Reverb Nation

Ecrit le 2014-01-21 par Kaj Genell
You might listen to my piano playing on REVERB NATION ..... Welcome to be a "fan".......
Reverbnation/ kajgenell

trying to get hold of a good tenor sax

Ecrit le 2013-08-09 par Kaj Genell
I am trying to get hold of a real good tenor saxophone, but at a reasonable price. Tough work, since I want to be able to try it first.

Updated home site

Ecrit le 2013-02-27 par Kaj Genell
My home site is updated as to design and content !

Entire mp3 on Whirl dance

Ecrit le 2012-10-22 par Kaj Genell
Now I have released the complete mp3 on Whirl dance on this site.


Ecrit le 2012-10-19 par Kaj Genell
I have a site on Soundclick too. The music there is not much more than you can listen to here. Maybe one live piano recording. The link is displayed below.( In waiting for me to get a new website of my own ......)... The tunes displyed on Soundclick from me are solely jazz tunes, no others....... jgenell

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