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Beneking, Stephan Beneking, Stephan
Allemagne Allemagne, Berlin
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Beneking, Stephan: Dance on icy waters I - Dream G minor

Beneking, Stephan
Dance on icy waters I - Dream G minor

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Composer : Beneking, Stephan
Instrumentation :

Piano solo

Style :


Arranger :Beneking, Stephan
Publisher :Beneking, Stephan
Date :2011
Licence :Copyright © Stephan Beneking
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Added by stephan-beneking the 2012-01-28
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kaj-genell , 02 Oct 2012 at 00:00
I find this piece of music very inventive, clear and coulorful and with .....a very well structured harmonic surprisefulness.In short: a brilliant piece of music !

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stephan-beneking , 30 Jan 2012 at 00:00
Thank you very much for this so nice comment!

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Paul Kroes (visitor), 30 Jan 2012 at 00:00
A lot of your compositions are little jewels.
This dream also belongs in the jewelbox.

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MP3 added the 2012-08-30, by stephan-beneking
Beneking, StephanDance on icy waters I - Reve sol mineur

(2.79 Mo)
(This MP3 was listened 26 times and downloaded 3 times)
Performer : Carlos
wonderful interpretation by Carlos
Feedback please

MP3 added the 2012-08-30, by stephan-beneking
Beneking, StephanDance on icy waters I - Reve sol mineur

(3.71 Mo)
(This MP3 was listened 16 times and downloaded 1 times)
Performer : Ellen Cunningham
Ellen played the piece on a Schimmel grand piano.
Feedback please

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Dance on icy waters

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