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Steve Kaufman: 4 Hour Bluegrass Workout Book/4 CDs [Sheet music + CD]
Homespun Cassettes
Here's a great way to improve your picking, build up speed and stamina, and get those licks and solos working! Whether you are a professional or a 'parking lot' player, these fabulous sessions will get your fingers in shape - fast…

36.95 GBP - vendu par Musicroom GB

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Banjo Tab From Bela Fleck's 'drive' Album
Banjo [Sheet music]
Homespun Cassettes
Bela Fleck. Find out how Bela plays all those great banjo solos on his album 'Drive!' He transcribed them himself so you and other devoted fans can play along.

12.95 GBP - vendu par Musicroom GB
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Hot Licks For Bluegrass Banjo
Banjo [CD]
Homespun Cassettes
Learn over 650 great licks in all styles of bluegrass. Lead-ins, endings, back-ups and licks with diverging lines. Features licks of J.D. Crowe, Don Reno, Bill Keith, Pete Wernick, Bela Fleck and others.
22.95 GBP - vendu par Musicroom GB

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Steve Kaufman: Bluegrass Guitar Solos 1
Guitare notes et tablatures [Sheet music + CD]
Homespun Cassettes
This package contains six one-hour CDs and a printed music/tab book.

Steve Kaufman is a champion flatpicker and, using popular, favourite bluegrass solos, he breaks them down so you can really hold your own in a hot jam s…

54.95 GBP - vendu par Musicroom GB
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Bela Fleck: Banjo Picking Styles
Banjo [Sheet music]
Homespun Cassettes
Take lessons from the man who revolutionized the five-string banjo! More than twenty great banjo solos. Includes 'East Virginia Blues', 'In The Pines' and 'Snakes Alive.
47.95 GBP - vendu par Musicroom GB
Délais: 24 heures - En Stock

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Ysaye Barnwell: Singing In The African American Tradition (Book/ 4CDs)
Voix seule [Sheet music + CD]
Homespun Cassettes
Explore the harmonies, melodies, rhythms, vocal styles and counter-melodies of the African American singing tradition! Complete with 4 CDs illustrating the parts and melodies of each song.
36.95 GBP - vendu par Musicroom GB

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