Christiansen C. - Essential Jazz Lines In The Style Of John Coltrane, Guitar Edition + Cd - Guitar
Instrument : GUITAR - CD included
Instrumentation : Guitar notes and tablatures
Composer/artist : John Coltrane
Publisher : Mel Bay
Level :
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Media Type : Book/CD Set Level : Beginning-Intermediate Musical Genre : Jazz Series : Essential Jazz Lines Number of pages : 64 Saxophonist John Coltrane was one of the most innovative, creative, and influential jazz artists of the 20th Century. Both stylistically and harmonically, he opened doors for others to follow. This book will focus on the first period of Coltrane's career, when he was with Miles Davis, and the jazz vocabulary he used. First, to help the student better understand Coltrane's bebop style of improvising, the authors discuss the use of guide tones, bebop scales, three to flat nine, targeting, and other techniques. Then the text presents numerous one-, two-, and three-measure jazz lines in Coltrane's style in notation and tablature grouped by the harmony over which they can be used. The accompanying play-along CD provides the rhythm parts for each section, including a track for each section that modulates through the cycle of fourths, helping you master the phrases in all keys. By combining various lines, musicians will be able to mix and match numerous combinations of these lines to play over ii-V-I progressions, turnarounds, and other harmonic situations. Incorporate these essential jazz lines into your vocabulary and you will be able to create your own lines in the style of John Coltrane. Also available in Japanese from ATN, Inc.
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Christiansen Corey : Essential Jazz Lines: In the Style of John Coltrane/Guitar Edt.
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Christiansen C. - Essential Jazz Lines In The Style Of John Coltrane, Guitar Edition + Cd - Guitar
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