Traditional Folksongs And Ballads Of Scotland Vol.3 Loesberg
Instrument :GUITARE
Instrumentation : Ligne De Mélodie, Paroles et Accords
Editeur : Faedoq
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Une troisième collection de musique folklorique ancienne écossaise. Ce volume résume admirablement bien de la tradition écossaise pensé leurs chansons et leurs paroles. Contient vieux favoris mélangé avec oubliés depuis longtemps chansons, des ballades et des chansons. Quarante chansons sont incluses dans tous et caractéristiques: A Pair O' Nicky Tams, Skye Boat Song, Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny and Auld Lang Syne. / Chant Et Guitare / 72 pages / Partition
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Loesberg John - Traditional Folksongs And Ballads Of Scotland - V. 3 - Melody Line, Lyrics And Chord
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Traditional Folksongs And Ballads Of Scotland Vol.3 Loesberg
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A Pair O' Nicky Tams
Auld Lang Syne Bonnie Strathyre Coulter's Candy Drumdelgie Duncan Gray Farewell To Fiunary He Winda Wint His Gruel Henry Martin Johnny Lad Leezie Lindsay Loch Lomond Mairi's Wedding Mingulay Boat Song My Donald My Last Farewell To Stirling O My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose Oh Charlie, Oh Charlie Scots, Wha Hae Skinny Ma Linky Lang Legs Skye Boat Song The Barnyards O' Delgathy The Bonnie Hoose O' Airlie The Braes O' Killiecrankie O The Deil's Awa' Wi' Th'exciseman The Dowie Dens Of Yarrow The Flowers Of The Forest The Four Maries The Gallowa' Hills The Glencoe Massacre The Haughs O' Cromdale The Road To Dundee The Scottish Emigrant's Farewell The Sun Rises Bright In France The Trooper And The Maid The Winter It Is Past There Was A Wee Cooper Turn Ye To Me Ye Banks And Braes Ye Canna Shove Yer Granny