Acoustic Guitar Magazine'S Private Lessons Guitar Cd
Instrument :GUITARE - CD inclus
Instrumentation : Guitare
Editeur : Hal Leonard
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24 leçons approfondies pour les joueurs de tous niveaux, enseigné et enregistrée par les enseignants de maître au Magazine de guitare acoustique. / Guitare / 114 pages / Partition + Cd
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Acoustic Guitar Magazine'S Private Lessons Guitar Cd
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With this comprehensive method, you get 25 songs in standard notation and tab, a CD with 77 examples, and detailed info from Banjo master Fred Sokolow on a host of other topics, including: * the selection, care and feeding of your banjo * tuning * reading tablature * chords * three
finger rolls * backup licks * playing in any key * picking melody * special effects * different tunings * music theory