William Bay - Guitar Warm-Ups and Solos QWIKGUIDE
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Instrument :GUITARE - CD inclus
Instrumentation : Guitare notes et tablatures
Editeur : Mel Bay
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This handy case-size QWIKGUIDE book offers a baker's dozen effective warm-up exercises plus 31 progressive 'Warm-Up Solos'. The book is written in notation and tablature with above average backup chords suggested for the solos. While written with the flatpicking guitarist in mind, fingerstyle and classic players would also benefit from sightreading these pieces. The original solos present a wealth of bluegrass and swing material that can be played with a rhythm guitarist or the companion CD, which includes all of the tunes and exercises in the book.//

//The solos are presented in the keys of C/Am (no sharps or flats), the sharp-bearing major and relative minor keys through E major/C minor (4 sharps), and in the flat-bearing keys and their relative minor keys through E-flat major/C minor (3 flats). The tunes offer a great introduction to swing eighths, triplets, and syncopated rhythms. Author and company president William Bay's gift for writing engaging tunes that offer insight to the fretboard is clearly evident here, making this book an excellent sight-reading resource.//// / Qwik Guide Series / 64pp / 140 gr.
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William Bay - Guitar Warm-Ups and Solos QWIKGUIDE
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5th Avenue Swing (William Bay) - Bacon in the Skillet (William Bay) - Blue Ridge Waltz (William Bay) - Bluesin' the Frets (William Bay) - Bumpin' (William Bay) - Catskill Night (William Bay) - Coldwater Creek (William Bay) - Collin's Quest (William Bay) - Copthorne Blues (William Bay) - D Lite (William Bay) - Dublin Dance (William Bay) - Fiddler's Dream (William Bay) - Heebie Jeebie (William Bay) - High Five (William Bay) - Lost Roanoke (William Bay) - Mackinaw Straight (William Bay) - Midnight Flight (William Bay) - Molambe (William Bay) - Obadiah Johnson (William Bay) - Shuckin' The Corn (William Bay) - Sidney Street (William Bay) - Silverheel's Shuffle (William Bay) - Soulard (William Bay) - Suffolk Stroll (William Bay) - Sundance (William Bay) - Swing LTD (William Bay) - Swing Steppin' (William Bay) - Territory Ahead (William Bay) - The Broken Marionette (William Bay) - The Promenade (William Bay) - Winfield Waltz (William Bay)