Mat Marucci : Drum Rudiments
Instrument :ACCORDEON
Genre(s) : TANGO
Instrumentation : Piano, Violon, Bandoneon, Guitare, Contrebasse
Compositeur/artiste : Astor Piazzolla
Editeur : Mel Bay
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The drum rudiments are the language of drummers. They are to us what scales and chords are to the other instruments. Understanding the rudiments allows the drummer to communicate with other drummers and also have the ability to interpret terminology and rhythms that are so often seen in music and music publications. This book is designed for drummers of all levels who would like knowledge of the snare drum rudiments but haven't had the advantage of studying them formally. It is a quick, simple approach that can be learned by any drummer who can do single strokes and double strokes (strokes using the stick rebound). While this method is not meant to be a substitute for the traditional way of learning the drum rudiments, which I totally recommend, one of the advantages of it is that it is a fast, easy alternate method that will give an understanding of the how the rudiments are played and should sound. If nothing else, this book will improve the drummer's overall technique and playing. After studying the approach described, it will be an easy transition to take the study of the rudiments further learning to play them in the traditional way and apply them to the drumset. / Caisse Claire
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Marucci Mat - Drum Rudiments - Drum
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Mat Marucci : Drum Rudiments
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