Mackillop Rob Scottish Guitar 40 Scottish Tunes Fingerstyle + Cd - Guitar Tab
Instrument : GUITAR - CD included
Instrumentation : Guitar notes and tablatures
Publisher : Centerstream
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Description Rob MacKillop: The Scottish Guitar - 40 Scottish Tunes For Fingerstyle Guitar Rob MacKillop is regarded as one of Scotland's finest musicians. In this groundbreaking book, he defines a uniquely Scottish way of playing the guitar, incorporating rich traditions into later material - from Songlist A Mother's Lament On The Death Of Her Child (Patrick McDonald Collection) A Port No.1 (Straloch MS) A Port No.2 (Straloch MS) An Chearc Ar Fad Is An Anairthe [Traditional] Ask My Father [Traditional] Blew Riben (Wemyss MS) Courante And Double (Panmure 5 MS) Farewell To Whisky [Gow, Niel] For Old Lang Syne (Balcarres MS) Gur Eutrom An T Aiseag (Patrick McDonald Collection) I Long For Thy Viginitie (Straloch MS) If Thou Were Myn Own Thing (Balcarres MS) Lady Lie Near Me (Wemyss MS) Lady Lothian's Lilt (Panmure 5 MS) Lilt-Milne (Wemyss MS) Low Lies The Mist On Mallavurich (Patrick McDonald Collection) Maol Donaidh - The Fisherman's Song For Attracting The Seals (Patrick McDonald Collection) My Cheeks Are Furrowed (Patrick McDonald Collection) My Lady Binnis Lilt (Wemyss MS) My Love Has Deceived Me (Patrick McDonald Collection) Oran A' Mhaighdean Mhara [Traditional] Oran An Aoig - The Song Of Death (Patrick McDonald Collection) Phiurag Nan Gaol - Sister Of Loves (Patrick McDonald Collection) Port Atholl (Balcarres MS) Port Jean Lindsay (Straloch MS) Port Priest (Straloch MS) Port Rorie Dall (Straloch MS) Prelude No.1 [MacKillop, Rob] Prelude No.2 [MacKillop, Rob] Rhona's Tune (Rowallan MS) Roslin Castle [Oswald, James] Shoes Rare And Good In All - Lilt Ladie An Gordoun (Straloch MS) Suas Leis A' Mhagairlean [Traditional] The Canaries (Straloch MS) The Chancellours Farewell (Balcarres MS) The Flooers O The Forest [Traditional] The Lord Aboin's Air (Balcarres MS) Tighean Geala Sildeag [Traditiona] Welcome Whisky Back Again [Gow, Niel] Wet Is The Night And Cold (Patrick McDonald Collection)
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Mackillop Rob Scottish Guitar 40 Scottish Tunes Fingerstyle + Cd - Guitar Tab
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Mackillop Rob : The Scottish Guitar
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