Hugh Burns: Irish Folk Tunes For Guitar
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Instrument : GUITAR - CD included
Instrumentation : Guitar
Publisher : Schott
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Irish Folk Tunes For Guitar is a collection of arrangements of traditional and contemporary tunes including jigs, reels, airs and more. Most of the pieces are arranged for solo Guitar, with several also offered with accompaniments. Experienced folk guitarist, and author of Scottish Folk Tunes for Guitar (ED 13359), and English Folk Tunes for Guitar (ED 13491) Hugh Burns provides notes on all of the pieces, as well as playing tips, and technical advice.The volume is accompanied by a CD with a recording of all tunes performed by Hugh. German and French translations of all texts are available as pdf downloads from the Schott Music website. Suitable for players of grades 3-8. Song List:The Dancing Master; Blind Mary; Merrily Kiss The Quaker; The Last Rose Of Summer; Beauty In Tears; Down By The Sally Gardens; Rakes Of Kildare; The Irish Washerwoman; The Butterfly Slip Jig; Si Beag Si Mor; The Battle Of Aughrim; She Move
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Hugh Burns: Irish Folk Tunes For Guitar
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Song List:The Dancing Master
Blind Mary
Merrily Kiss The Quaker
The Last Rose Of Summer
Beauty In Tears
Down By The Sally Gardens
Rakes Of Kildare
The Irish Washerwoman
The Butterfly Slip Jig
Si Beag Si Mor
The Battle Of Aughrim
She Move