Neil Young: Greatest Hits - PVG
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Instrument : PIANO
Style(s) : FOLK ROCK
Instrumentation : Piano, Vocal and Guitar
Composer/artist : Neil Young
Publisher : Hal Leonard
Description from Musicroom UK
Canadian born singer-songwriter Neil Young is best recognized for his deeply personal lyrics, his impressive and distinctive Guitar work, and his almost instantly recognisable unique singing voice. Throughout what has been a varied career, Young has experimented with a wide range of genres, including soul, swing, jazz and electronica, however his best known work falls into one of two distinct styles: an acoustic, country-influence folk-rock, with songs like Heart Of Gold and Old Man; or a grinding hard-rock sound, such as in Cinnamon Girl and Southern Man.Available here is a fantastic selection of Neil Young's greatest hits and most influential songs, compiled in one collection, for Piano, Vocal and Guitar.Includes photos and lyric sheets. Song List:After The Gold Rush; Cinnamon Girl; Comes A Time; Cowgirl In The Sand; Down By The River; Harvest Moon; Heart Of Gold; Helpless; Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black); Like A Hurricane; Ohio; Old Man; Only Love Can Break Your Heart; Rockin' In
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Neil Young: Greatest Hits - PVG
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Content :
Neil Young
Song List:After The Gold Rush
Cinnamon Girl
Comes A Time
Cowgirl In The Sand
Down By The River
Harvest Moon
Heart Of Gold
Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
Like A Hurricane
Old Man
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Rockin' In