Worship Band Play-Along Volume 4: He Is Exalted - Guitar Edition
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Instrument : GUITAR - CD included
Style(s) : CHRISTIAN (contemporary)
Instrumentation : Guitar notes and tablatures
Publisher : Hal Leonard
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Description from Musicroom UK
The Worship Band Play-Along series is a flexible and innovative tool for worship leaders and bands. Each volume offers five separate, correlated book/CD packs: Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Drumset, and Vocal.Bands can use the printed music and chord charts to play live together, and members can rehearse at home with the CD tracks. Worship leaders without a band can play/sing along with the CD for a fuller sound. The eight songs in each volume follow a similar theme for easy set selection, and the straight-forward arrangements are perfect for bands of any level.The CDs are playable on any CD player, and also enhanced so Mac and PC users can adjust the recording to any tempo without changing pitch to learn the songs at their own pace.Volume 4 includes: Beautiful One; God of All; He Is Exalted; In Christ Alone; Lord Most High; Lord, Reign in Me; We Want to See Jesus Lifted High; Worthy Is the Lamb. Song List:Beautiful One [Hughes, Tim]; God Of All [Paris, Twila]; He Is Exalted [Paris, Twila]; In Christ Alone [Townend, Stuart] [Getty, Keith]; Lord Most High [Harris, Don] [Sadler, Gary]; Lord, Reign In Me [Brown, Brenton]; We want to see Jesus
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Worship Band Play-Along Volume 4: He Is Exalted - Guitar Edition
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Song List:Beautiful One [Hughes, Tim]
God Of All [Paris, Twila]
He Is Exalted [Paris, Twila]
In Christ Alone [Townend, Stuart] [Getty, Keith]
Lord Most High [Harris, Don] [Sadler, Gary]
Lord, Reign In Me [Brown, Brenton]
We want to see Jesus