Juan Serrano: Flamenco Studies - Falsetas de mi Padre
Instrument : GUITAR
Instrumentation : Guitar
Sub instrumentation : Classical guitar
Composer/artist : Juan Serrano
Publisher : Mel Bay
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The legendary flamenco guitarist and best-selling Mel Bay Publications author, Juan Serrano, is well-known for his sound recordings, transcriptions of his music, and technical methods for flamenco guitar. Now the music that formed his technical repertory and was the musical foundation given to his by his father, Antonio el del Lunar, (guitarist for all the flamenco singers of his time including Pastora Pavon-Nina de los Peines) is at your fingertips in this book that contains completely unreleased flamenco puro that is the foundation of one of the world's leading guitarists. These falsetas or variations on flamenco forms (toques) are graded so they are valuable for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and professional flamenco guitarists--or for classical guitarists that want to learn flamenco.
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Juan Serrano: Flamenco Studies - Falsetas de mi Padre
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