Ioannis Anastassakis: The Art Of Rasgueado
Instrument : GUITAR
Style(s) : FLAMENCO
Instrumentation : Guitar notes and tablatures
Sub instrumentation : Classical guitar
Publisher : Mel Bay
Level :
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The rasgeuado technique is, without a doubt, the most impressive and characteristic element of the flamenco Guitar. Author Ioannis Anastassakis has studied and researched the rasgueado technique of every significant flamenco guitarist in the world, and has compiled his work in this book in an easy and understandable notation form, with excellent explanations of each rasgueado technique. From this book, every flamenco and non-flamenco guitarist, from aficionado to professional, can learn everything about the rasgueado technique and its interpretation. Rumba rhythms and the golpe technique are also discussed. Notation and tablature.
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Ioannis Anastassakis: The Art Of Rasgueado
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