Damien Rice: Nine (TAB)
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Instrument : GUITAR
Style(s) : FOLK ROCK
Instrumentation : Guitar notes and tablatures
Composer/artist : Damien Rice
Publisher : Faber Music Limited
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Description from Musicroom UK
This is the Guitar Tab edition of Damien Rice's second album, 9. This folk singer from Ireland has featured on the UK charts and has collaborated with artists like Tori Amos. The arrangements in this book have been transcribed directly from the CD with the aim of producing playable and realistic guitar parts. However, these arrangements may not reflect the exact voicings and fretboard positions used by Damien Rice. Song List:9 Crimes; Accidental Babies; Coconut Skins; Dogs; Elephant; Grey Room; Me, My Yoke And I; Rootless Tree; Sleep Don't Weep; The Animals Were Gone
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Damien Rice: Nine (TAB)
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Content :
Damien Rice
Song List:9 Crimes
Accidental Babies
Coconut Skins
Grey Room
Me, My Yoke And I
Rootless Tree
Sleep Don't Weep
The Animals Were Gone