Play Guitar With... Rory Gallagher (Book/Download Card). Sheet Music
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Instrument : GUITAR
Instrumentation : Guitar notes and tablatures
Composer/artist : Rory Gallagher
Publisher : Amsco Wise Publications
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With this book and download card, you can learn every riff and solo for 16 of Rory Gallagher's original songs, then you can listen to and play along with exclusive new instrumental mixes of the original studio tracks, allowing you to, quite literally, Play Guitar With Rory Gallagher.The incredible and influential blues-rock Guitarist Rory Gallagher's original compositions are some of the rawest and most brilliant expositions of his exceptional talent. With face-melting tunes like Bad Penny, Moonchild and In Your Town, the Irish blues legendquite simply performs at his best and most creative. These newly transcribed Rory GallagherGuitar tabs will show you every single note, every sweet bend and every quivering vibrato as accurately as possible so that you can put yourself right in Gallagher's shoes.Not only this, but you can actually put yourself right there in the studio with the innovative download card. This will give you instant online access to instrumental mixes of the original studio master tapes, as well as backing tracks for all 16 songs, including Tattoo'd Lady, Bought And Soldand Who's That Coming. This lets you play Gallagher's amazing Guitar parts in the company of his very own backing band, something that no other Guitar tabs can do. Not only is this a thrilling prospect, but it will also help you progress as a musician, enhancing the essential ability to play with others.With Guitar tabs, full lyrics, chord boxes and chord symbols for each and every song, this is the most comprehensive collection ofRory GallagherGuitar tabs out there. Featuring a gushing foreword by Michael Molenda, the editor-in-chief of Guitar Player magazine, you can be of no doubt that this Rory Gallaghersheet music is simply the best way to learn his blues-infused rock compositions. As Molenda says, not only can you learn Gallagher's riffs and solos exactly as he played them, it also gives you a chance to develop and improvise upon his playing, a sensational prospect for any guitarist.Play Guitar With Rory Gallagheris an exciting and innovative new Guitar tab book that puts you in the studio with Rory's own backing band. You'll effectively be standing in his shoes, using his plectrum while playing all of his legendary blues licks and riffs. So don't waste any more time reading this, pick up this book of Rory Gallagher tabs and Play Guitar Withhim today! Song List:Bad Penny; Big Guns; Bought And Sold; Calling Card; Continental Op; Crest Of A Wave; Do You Read Me; Edged In Blue; I Take What I Want; In Your Town; Moonchild; Shadow Play; Signals; Tattoo'd Lady; They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore; W
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Play Guitar With... Rory Gallagher (Book/Download Card). Sheet Music
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Gallagher Rory : Play Guitar With... Rory Gallagher (Book/Download Card)
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Content :
Rory Gallagher
Song List:Bad Penny
Big Guns
Bought And Sold
Calling Card
Continental Op
Crest Of A Wave
Do You Read Me
Edged In Blue
I Take What I Want
In Your Town
Shadow Play
Tattoo'd Lady
They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore