Passenger: All The Little Lights
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Instrument : PIANO
Style(s) : FOLK ROCK
Instrumentation : Piano, Vocal and Guitar
Composer/artist : Passenger
Publisher : Amsco Wise Publications
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Description from Musicroom UK
All The Little Lights is the third studio album released by British folk-rock singer-songwriter Mike Rosenberg, better known by his stage name Passenger.This beautifully arranged songbook, for Piano, Vocal and Guitar, contains sheet music for all songs from the album, including the hugely successful Let Her Go.Listen to Let Her Go:Fans of Ed Sheeran, for whom Passenger opened on Sheeran's 2012 North American tour and also on numerous dates throughout Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Brighton, will appreciate Passenger's folksy, acoustic sound and the meaningful lyrics throughout All The Little Lights. Song List:Things That Stop You Dreaming; Let Her Go; Staring at the Stars; All The Little Lights; The Wrong Direction; Circles; Keep On Walking; Patient Love; Life's for the Living; Holes; Feather on the Clyde; I Hate
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Passenger: All The Little Lights
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Content :
Song List:Things That Stop You Dreaming
Let Her Go
Staring at the Stars
All The Little Lights
The Wrong Direction
Keep On Walking
Patient Love
Life's for the Living
Feather on the Clyde
I Hate
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