The Complete Laurindo Almeida Anthology of Guitar Solos
Instrument : GUITAR
Style(s) : LATIN - BOSSA - WORLD
Instrumentation : Guitar
Publisher : Mel Bay
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Laurindo Almeida (1917-1995) belongs to an elite group of Brazilian/American guitarists, who by composing important works for the guitar reinstated the instrument in his native country as worthy of serious musical study. Stylistically, his compositions synthesize his classical background, Afro-Brazilian rhythms, traditional Brazilian music, and American jazz. This collection presents Almeida's solos preserving the original left and right hand fingerings. The fingering is unique and tells us something about his skills as a professional guitarist. It also reflects the Brazilian school of guitar technique in the 1930's. Written in standard notation only.
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The Complete Laurindo Almeida Anthology of Guitar Solos
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