Esperanza Spalding: Esperanza
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Instrument : PIANO
Style(s) : JAZZ
Instrumentation : Piano, Vocal and Guitar
Composer/artist : Esperanza Spalding
Publisher : Hal Leonard
Description from Musicroom UK
Vocal/piano arrangements based on Esperanza's own lead sheets! of all 12 tracks from the 2008 release from this jazz prodigy. Song List:Cuerpo Y Alma (Body And Soul); Espera; Fall In; I Adore You; I Know You Know; If That's True; Love In Time; Mela; Ponta De Areia; Precious; Samba Em Preludio; She Got To You
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Esperanza Spalding: Esperanza
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Content :
Esperanza Spalding
Song List:Cuerpo Y Alma (Body And Soul)
Fall In
I Adore You
I Know You Know
If That's True
Love In Time
Ponta De Areia
Samba Em Preludio
She Got To You