Easy Steps To Blues Guitar Jamming
Instrument : GUITAR - CD included - DVD included
Instrumentation : Guitar
Publisher : Homespun
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The ability to jam is a vital element of blues playing, and this DVD lesson is designed and presented by Happy and Artie Traum to teach you exactly how it's done.

The blues is unique, as it offers a highly stable but dynamic structure for improvisation without the need for advanced harmonic theory. Artie and Happy's unique and inimitable delivery will get you playing straight away, and the lesson is packed with detailed instruction, practical advice, good songs and all the techniques you'll need to trade riffs, use chord inversions and much more. You'll have plenty of opportunity to jam with guys themselves, as they provide a full rhythmic back up to all the songs they teach, including six classic blues standards in the keys of E and A.
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Easy Steps To Blues Guitar Jamming
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Content :
Key To The Highway
New Stranger Blues
Trouble In Mind
How Long Blues
2:19 Blues
Move To Kansas City