The Library Of Guitar Classics 2
Instrument : GUITAR
Publisher : Amsco Wise Publications
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A compendium of more of the world's classics. A splendid array of pieces that, over the years, have captured the imagination of music lovers, as well as a variety of lesser-known pieces that are no less exquisite.
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The Library Of Guitar Classics 2
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Content :
Vivace And Largo Poco Andante (Sonata In E Minor Op.3 No.3) [Blavet, Michel]
Le Jasmin
Mallorca (Albeniz)
Vals (Tarrega)
Sonato Longa (Scarlatti)
Study In E Minor (Aguado)
Fuge In A Minor (Bach)
Morceaux Caracteristiques (Giluliani)
Can She Excuse Earl Of Essex's Galliard (Dowland)
Study No. 1 (Carcassi)
L'allegria (Giluliani)
Pavana No. 4 (Milan)
Capricio (Weiss)
Danza Mora (Tarrega)
Dedicatoria (Granados)
Mrs. Nichol's Almain [Dowland, John]
Minuet (Weiss)
Duet In E Minor (Carulli)
Valse No. 4
Prelude And Allegro (Murcia)
Orlando Sleepeth (Dowland)
Study No. 16 (Carcassi)
La Penser
Valses Poeticos (Granados)
Allegretto (Carulli)
Melody [Schumann, Robert]
Come Away [Dowland, John]
Valse No. 5
Pavana [Tarrega, Francisco]
Study In E Minor (Coste)
Giocoso (Sor)
La Rose
Rossiniane (Giuliani)
Le Lis
Balleto (Besard)
Valse No. 6
Melancholy Galliard [Dowland, John]
Veritables Preludes Flasques
Little Song (Schumann)
Lachrimae Pavan [Dowland, John]
Mistress Winter's Jump [Dowland, John]
Spanish Dance [Moszkowski, Moritz]
La Maja De Goya (Granados)
Lagrima (Tarrega)
John Dowland's Galliard (Dowland)
Study No. 18 (Carcassi)
Grand Sonata (Paganini)
La Cavalleria De Napoles [Sanz, Gaspar]
Sonata No. 1 (Paganini)
Rondo In A Minor (Aguado)
Study No. 11 (Carcassi)
Sarabande for a sandwich
Valse No. 7
Little Piece (Schumann)
Le Fandango (Aguado)
Rondo [Coste, Napoleon]
Twenty One Lessons (Aguado)
Second Mazurka In B Flat,Op.54
[Godard, Benjamin]
Suite In D Minor (Visee)
Valse No. 3
Study No. 23 (Carcassi)
Allegro (Sor)
Branle (Besard)
Allegretto [Sor, Fernando]
Folias (Sanz)
Gran Vals [Tarrega, Francisco]
Pavana No. 6 (Milan)
Study In G (Aguado)
The Frog Galliard [Dowland, John]
Andantino (Sor)
Study No. 6 (Carcassi)
Valse No. 2
Pavana No. 5 (Milan)
Valse No. 1
Study In A (Costo)
Adelita [Tarrega, Francisco]
Suite 4 (Bach) Prelude
Capricho Arabe [Tarrega, Francisco]
Duet In D (Carulli)