Fast Forward: Blues Guitar
Instrument : GUITAR - CD included
Style(s) : BLUES
Instrumentation : Guitar notes and tablatures
Langue :
Publisher : Amsco Wise Publications
Level :
Description from Musicroom UK
The user-friendly CD & Book package, packed with riffs, licks & tricks you can learn now...and easily incorporate into your own playing style.
Playing good blues solos depends on musical understanding. Unlike other books, Fast Forward Blues Guitar will show you what and how to play. Hear what can be done with only five notes. Learn the all-important secret of mixing scales - the way the pros do. Play as you learn with the pro-quality CD backing tracks.
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Fast Forward: Blues Guitar
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Content :
Playing Blues Guitar
Guitar Tablature Explained
Where Now
Choice Of Notes
The Five Note Trick
Guide To Guitar
Scales - The Alphabet Of The Blues
The Blue House