Fast Forward: Lead Guitar Solos
Instrument : GUITAR - CD included
Instrumentation : Guitar notes and tablatures
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Publisher : Amsco Wise Publications
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The user-friendly CD & book package, packed with riffs, licks & tricks you can learn now... and easily incorporate into your own playing style.
Much more than just another book of licks, Fast Forward Lead Guitar Solos is a new approach that will teach you how to make great solos of your own. Learn about pentatonic scales, intervals and bends, and how notes fit over different chords. Understand how space, rhythm and harmony all contribute to a lead solo. Try complete solos in a variety of styles from ballads to Britpop.
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Fast Forward: Lead Guitar Solos
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Content :
Guitar Tablature Explained
If It Ain't Got Swing, It Ain't Worth A Thang
Where Now
Wot No Harmony - The Rock Trio
Scales - The Tools Of The Trade
Two Minor Chord Sequences
Room With A
- Using Space
Long Lines For Long Days
Guide To Guitar
Two Major Chord Sequences
The Heart Of Rock'n'roll
The Best Kept Secret
Playing A Solo
'and Shall We Find The Way'