The Easiest Tune Book Of Negro Spirituals
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Instrument : PIANO
Instrumentation : Piano, Vocal and Guitar
Publisher : Edwin Ashdown
Description from Musicroom UK
From America has come this fine collection of songs, a treasure house of melody, made by the naturally music-loving and music-making negro, with his great feeling for rhythm and melody. The tunes have been arranged mostly in two-part harmony, as simply as possible, to make them playable by the youngest music maker. The left hand is entirely in the five-finger position, and the tunes transposed into the easiest key.
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The Easiest Tune Book Of Negro Spirituals
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Sheet music extract
Content :
Old Black Joe
Steal Away
Walk In Jerusalme Just Like John
Somebody's Knockin' At Your Door
O Peter, Go Ring-a-dem Bells
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Heav'n Bells A-ringin In Mah Soul
Go Down Moses: Let My People Go!
The Gospel Train
Were You There
You Gave Me A Mountain
Who Built De Ark
John Brown's Body
One More River To Cross
I Got A Robe
Ev'ry Time I Fell The Spirit
Marching Through Georgia
Li'l Liza Jane
Old Folks At Home
Little David Play On Your Harp
Blow Your Trumpet, Gabriel
Younder Comes Sister Mary
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
My Old Kentucky Home
So Early In The Morning
Deep River
Hail! The Crown