Santa Rosa KBJ09-K "Showboat" Deluxe 5 String Banjo Package - Includes Banjo, Banjo Bag, Banjo Strap and Banjo Instructional Video

Instrument : BANJO
Department : Instruments
Sub-department : Value-pack banjo
Description from Amazon USA
The Santa Rosa KBJ09-K 5-string banjo package is a perfect choice for the beginning banjo player, intermediate hobbyist or seasoned professional. The pearloid tuning buttons and black headstock add to the beautiful look of this instrument. This banjo has 18 chrome brackets, chrome armrest, and is totally adjustable. The mahogany shell and neck add to the vibrance of its hauntingly memorable tone. Sound and playability are the two most important components in an instrument. But very few will deny that a standout visual aspect enhances your performance. The appearance and sound of these unique instruments were designed for the player who is looking for a completely new and different voice. You won't find anything else quite like the Santa Rosa KBJ09 banjo.... even among banjos that are much more expensive. Since the mid '80s, Santa Rosa has been making instruments for both students and professionals! This is Santa Rosa's Top-of-the-line model, a manufacturer that has 11 different banjos in their line-up. Players with all levels of experience will appreciate the bright , full and loud sound that this banjo produces, which is just what you would expect from a top-quality bluegrass banjo. This kit includes everything you need to get started. Banjo, banjo bag, banjo strap and banjo instructional video for beginners.
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