Lavalier Lapel Microphone Omnidirectional Mic with Easy Clip On System Perfect for Recording Youtube / Interview / Video Conference / Podcast / Voice Dictation / iPhone

Instrument : MICROPHONE
Department : Lavaliere - Lapel Microphone (with cable)
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YouMic Lapel Microphone is Tiny, User-friendly and Effective for Public Speeches, Interviews, YouTube Videos, Newscasters, Product Reviews and other Professional Sound Records

Handy & Powerful YouMic Lavalier Microphone

Making videos with innovative and advanced smartphones users usually get faint sound. The tone fades away, or operators endure inconveniences, being forced to speak loud or press the volume button. With YouMic Lapel Microphone you will forget about these hardships, always getting clear top-quality sound without any efforts.

What is YouMic Microphone

The discrete device is lightweight and tiny, so you can hide it if it is necessary. It is equipped with a 59" long cable and handy clip. The set is easy to pack, omnidirectional, compatible to all smartphone brands and models. It means that you clip it to any part of your clothing, for example, to the collar of formal or T shirt and wherever you move, the sound will be clear and accurate.

YouMic Microphone Advantages:

The customers select the newest lapel microphone because it is:

effective and professional;
lightweight and tiny;
multi compatible;
useful and perfect.

Thanks to the advanced noise cancelling function, the sound quality is always great. You can use YouMic microphone both indoors and outdoors, in large rooms and halls. That's why customers are just happy with these tiny and effective devices. And if you make speeches, or record video messages, the ingenious microphone is essential for you and it's the most suitable time to buy it.
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