RockJam Lightshow Bubble Machine with Built-In LED Lights and 1 Liter of Bubble Liquid

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Brand : RockJam
Acheter RockJam
Description from Amazon USA
The Rock Jam Lightshow Bubble Machine Super Kit does two amazing things: It produces a large quantity of bubbles very quickly, and it blasts the room with colorful, psychedelic beams of light, thanks to its powerful built-in LEDs. This great combination of features makes the Bubble Machine a unique and wonderful addition to any event - whether a karaoke night, home concert, birthday party, prom, or even a fun wedding dance. It s also especially great for entertaining kids on a rainy day. The multi-color LED lights are responsive to sound - an incredibly fun feature that children are sure to love. The Bubble Machine comes with 1 liter of Bubble Liquid and so you ll be ready to party from the get-go. Simply plug it in, pour in the liquid, and press the ON/START button. Within just a few moments, the room will start filling with bubbles! The compact and lightweight Bubble Machine also features a convenient carrying handle for easy transport to parties and concerts.
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