Jupiter 611RBSO Open Hole Flutes (Deluxe Standard Series)

Instrument : FLUTE
Department : Instruments
Sub-department : Professional Flutes

Brand : Jupiter
Acheter Jupiter
Description from Amazon USA
Jupiter Deluxe Standard Flutes are the benchmark for developing flutists, offering unrivaled sound, feel, and craftsmanship. 611 models come complete with French style case and durable nylon cover with convenient handles. This flute features an offset G. The offset G makes it easier for students with small fingers to reach versus an inline G. The gizmo key allows easy and accurate fingering to reach high notes. Some experienced players said this, "It has excellent tone, intonation, and response in all registers. " The 611RBS features sterling silver head joint, silver plated body, open hole keys, stainless steel springs, offset G, gizmo key, and B foot in a French case and cover. Also includes form fitting hole plugs to ease transition to open hole keys.
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