Schilke Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece Group I In Silver 14A4 Silver

Instrument : TRUMPET
Department : Mouthpieces

Brand : Schilke
Acheter Schilke
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Schilke Trumpet MouthpieceSchilke Mouthpiece Numbering SystemsThe Schilke method of mouthpiece labeling has been designed to assist the student, teacher, amateur and professional in selecting a mouthpiece to meet the needs of the player. All mouthpieces come with standard rim shapes, cup volumes, and backbores unless shown otherwise on the mouthpieces. This method enables the player to know the characteristics of their trumpet mouthpiece.Example: a trumpet mouthpiece using this method might be called 9C3cUsing this example, 9 refers to the CUP DIAMETER Smallest numbers have smallest diameters C E. Large C refers to the CUP VOLUME A. Small Cup B. Medium-small C. Standard (medium size) D. Medium-large E. Large 3 refers to the RIM CONTOUR 1 Rounded 2 Semi-rounded 3 Standard 4 Semi-flat 5 Only slightly rounded c refers to the BACKBORE a. Tight b. Straight c. Standard d. Slightly curved out e. Large When a Schilke mouthpiece has a standard backbore, rim and cup, only the cup diameter (first number) is shown on the mouthpiece. In the example above only the #9 is necessary to identify the mouthpiece because the C is the standard cup volume, 3 is the standar
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