Bravo Gk Premium Synthetic Reeds for Bb Clarinet: Strength 2.5, Box of 5. $28, Designed in California

Instrument : CLARINET
Department : Reeds
Sub-department : Bb

Brand : Hollywoodwinds
Acheter Hollywoodwinds
Description from Amazon USA
After years of developmental research and innovative engineering, Bravo GK Premium Synthetic Reeds for Saxophone and Clarinet are now available. These innovative reeds are the only synthetic woodwind reeds certified as non-toxic to stringent EU and USA standards. Available now in all popular strengths for alto saxophone and clarinet, Bravo Reeds will soon be available for tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, and baritone saxophone. Shaped with a complex French geometric curve and manufactured to incredibly fine tolerances, Bravo Reeds resonate with the qualities of fine Var cane, without inconsistent cuts and non-parallel fibers. Bravo GK Reeds resist tip chipping outlasting cane reeds significantly. You get five consistent, virtually identical, reeds in every box. Each reed is packed in a uniquely designed, snap-together case-so you will no longer have reeds rattling around loose in your case. Now beginners and professionals alike can benefit from Bravo's resistance to tip cracking, no-spit-required instant playability, indifference to humidity and heat, and many times the effective life of a reed compared to your best cane reeds.This is why we believe that Bravo GK Premium Synthetic Reeds are a truly disruptive product. You get all this engineering and manufacturing excellence for not much more than the price of five cane reeds.
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