Deering Deluxe Padded Banjo Gig Bag

Instrument : BANJO
Department : Cases - Bags

Brand : Deering
Acheter Deering
Description from Amazon USA
The Deering deluxe open back gig bag is made with two adjustable back pack straps and a velcro handle binder for safe, comfortable and convenient carry. The black Cordura exterior is banjo shaped with a full color Deering Banjo logo embroidered on the top of the case. There is also a large zippered pouch on the lid for carrying picks, strings, etc. The perfect carry around alternative to a bulky hardshell case, the gig bag is perfect for going to lessons, carrying in the back seat on trips and any time when hardcase protection is not really needed. Easy on the hands, shoulders and wallet, these bags are a joyful and beautiful addition to any banjoists accessory list.

This case is for a resonator banjo and for an open back banjo.     

Resonator model as it will fit both size banjos.It will just be a little large for the open back banjos but will work fine.
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