Thomastik Jazz Swing Flatwound (10-44/11-47/12-50/13-53)12-50

Instrument : GUITAR
Department : Strings : Electric Guitar
Sub-department : 6 strings Set

Brand : Thomastik Infeld
Acheter Thomastik Infeld
Description from Amazon FRANCE
.012 .016 .020w .027 .037 .050 - set / Jazz Guitar (E-Guitar) Nickel Flat Wound with Ball End Jazz Swing Series - ideal for semi acoustic and acoustic Jazz guitars. Mellow timbre, powerful sound. "Reference standard" flatwound Jazz strings. Favoured by Jazz professionals worldwide. They feature a true round core which vibrates freely with no preferred motion axis. The flat ribbon windings are highly polished pure nickel. For a supple and responsive feel. Silk-wrapped ends anchor the windings for extended playing life.