CenterPitch CP10XL Intonation Trainer and Tuner

Department : Tuners
Sub-department : Tuner-metronome

Brand : CenterPitch
Acheter CenterPitch
Description from Amazon USA
Center Pitch CP10XL Intonation Tool with Metronome. The Center Pitch CP10XL 3-In-1 Tuner is a mic & plug based, non clip-on style tuner and intonation training tool. This chromatic tuner has a metronome, tuner, and pitch generator - ideal for all Band and Orchestra players. The backlit display has the traditional, copyrighted Center Pitch Arrows, and has a 1/4 inch jack for direct plug in. When the instrument is in Tune, the red backlight changes to a bright Green color! A clip-on piezoelectric instrument pickup with long wire is included. A transposition option is also included for C, B-flat, E-flat, F and G instruments. A-Ref from 410 - 450Hz.
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