Gold Tone CEB-5 Cello Banjo (Five String, Vintage Mahogany)

Instrument : BANJO
Department : Instruments
Sub-department : Five-string banjo

Brand : Gold Tone
Acheter Gold Tone
Description from Amazon USA
The 5-string Cello Banjo (CEB-5) is one of the newest additions to the Gold Tone line. The Cello Banjos have received more attention than any Gold Tone model ever introduced and has quickly become the newest trend in banjo music. The CEB-5 is played just as a 5-string banjo would, so all of the familiar tunes and playing techniques would apply. The 24-3/4 scale length allows the CEB-5 to be tuned to open-A with light gauge strings (CES5 Light) and open-G with a set of medium gauge strings (CES5 Medium). The 14 body is loud and the rolled brass tone ring amplifies its punchy tone. The CEB-5 features a wide maple neck (1.57 at nut) and 3-ply maple rim, ebony fingerboard with MOP inlays, GT Master planetary tuners, nickel plated hardware, dual coordinator rods, and a Strightline tailpiece. It uses nylon high tension classical guitar strings. Whether you are new to the banjo or are looking for a new sound to add to your current banjo arsenal, the CEB-5 may be just what you are looking for! The CEB-5 includes a Deluxe Hard Shell Case.
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