Music Nomad MN111 Premium Cymbal Cleaner, 8 oz.

Instrument : DRUM
Department : Care Kits - Cleaning

Brand : Musicnomad
Acheter Musicnomad
Description from Amazon USA
Music Nomad's Premium Cymbal Cleaner features an acid-free, proprietary formula like no other product on the market for cleaning, polishing, and protecting your cast and sheet bronze cymbals. State-of-the-art cleaners combined with cutting edge formulation results in unmatched performance and protection. It is fast in cutting through layers of dulling oxides and restoring a brilliant, eye-glaring, polished shine. It even leaves behind an invisible protectant layer that reduces oxidation. This product contains no harsh caustic chemicals. The stage lights come on and the glare of your cymbals mesmerizes the crowd. How smart you are for using Music Nomad's cymbal cleaner before the show! Music Nomad products are used worldwide by musicians, repair shops, collectors, and instrument makers.
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